Pandemonium Custom’s Shop Tech – 4 N 1 Tool

Sometimes You Just Gotta Make Your Own Article by Daniel Donley Inspired by Erie Hull Originally published June 2019, Cycle Source Magazine I have a small shop and the same size budget to go along with it. When I have time or extra money I improve or replace my tools. Definitely, no rockstar budget here. Read More >

Cookies Are Gone – Customizing Your Ride In A Few Easy Steps

Published In The August 2014 Issue Of Cycle Source Article By: Daniel Donley At Pandemonium Custom Choppers Photos By: Duke Miller Do you have a stock Harley- Davidson that is just like all the rest? You know what I’m talking about, when you are at an event and the parking lot is full of bikes Read More >

Fuel Tank Bodywork Visual Impact Shop Tech

      n our first “how to” we talked about        the     importance    of sealing a gas tank internally, and we showed you steps to achieve a good seal job.  The next step in the process to a killer paint is the bodywork. This subject seems to be glossed over or  not  even  covered  in Read More >

Beer Runner On A Budget-Part 10

Article By: Wayne At Wicked Willy’s Choppers In part ten of the beer runner, we will build an oil tank for the trike. It is a very simple tank that will mount inside the swingarm, but it will be built just like any other tank we build for a dry sump motor. It will Read More >