El Flaco

Article By Paul Wideman www.bareknucklechoppers.com Photos By: Sara Liberte  www.garagegirls.com I grew up reading car and bike mags, and I always envied those guys that got to do what they loved every day. As I was trudging through school, and eventually college, pointing towards an engineering career, all I could think of was cutting, grinding, Read More >

Beer Runner On A Budget-Part 10

Article By: Wayne At Wicked Willy’s Choppers www.wickedwillychoppers.com In part ten of the beer runner, we will build an oil tank for the trike. It is a very simple tank that will mount inside the swingarm, but it will be built just like any other tank we build for a dry sump motor. It will Read More >

Mounting A Custom Fuel Tank

Article By: Tyler Malinky When it comes to mounting a custom gas tank on your bike, there are many ways to skin a cat. With quite a few tanks coming with welded on but undrilled tabs, one of the easiest ways is to weld a couple of threaded bungs into the back bone of your Read More >