Sweet And Simple

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Article By: Jimmy Frizzell

Photos By: Steven Spoons

Originally Published In The July 2018 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

It’s the same old chopper story, bike needs oil leak fixed, bike gets an entirely new life. Justin Reid is the proud owner of Longwood Customs. It’s a small operation that prides itself in huge returns with an attention to detail second to none. Justin spent a portion of his life as a Service Consultant at a multi brand motorcycle dealership in the fine state of New Jersey. His passion for custom bikes and everything two wheeled didn’t go unnoticed amongst the crowd and upon Justin’s request the dealership allowed him to clear the showroom floor and have a small indoor motorcycle show of his own. Justin is a perfectionist; his builds leave no stone unturned and this was just another excuse to show off his 66 Triumph Bonneville that helped him make a name in the euro scene.

Brad Yankanich found himself delving into the Trumpet world with a ‘76 T140V Bonneville he had recently acquired that needed some minor tuning and repair. He had been talking to Justin about getting together to go over the bike when Reid suggested he make his way to take a look at his work in person and get a feel for what Longwood actually did. At the show Justin gave the 76 a careful eye, noticing that while not in too bad of shape, there were some underlying molestations that needed to be addressed and a deeper look was the safest bet. Back at Longwood’s, the Bonneville started getting some serious attention. A small list was forming of all the pieces that needed attention and the costs they would entail. But Brad had developed plans of his own and started asking questions about the beautiful ‘66 Justin had at the show, it seems he just couldn’t shake the itch, he needed a Longwood Triumph. Justin keeps his builds simple, they are well thought out and never flashy, he has a great respect for the original design and he knows when to hold back to let the original feel shine through. He and Brad sat down and went over both of their ideas for the ‘76. Brad loved the clean look of the bikes Justin builds so he set no limitations, knowing that if Justin could follow his own vision without interruption then an amazing bike would soon be in his future. But there would be a catch, while the bike would be started in the Garden State it would eventually be finished in Longwood Custom’s current home, Jacksonville Florida. Justin’s wife serves in the Navy and they were soon to relocate. Brad was fully aware and comfortable with the situation and realized that the move would also mean that progress would stop for a brief period of time.

Longwood Custom’s treats every build the same. No piece of the bike is left untouched. It’s either refinished, refurbished or replaced, every nut, every bolt, every single part. The motor already had 20 over pistons, so Reid didn’t go any farther. He split the cases to clean the motor out, machined the cam and went over it top to bottom. The ignition was upgraded to electric and a battery eliminator was also introduced. The headlight went to a more powerful LED, yet all the wiring was redone in cloth wrap. The frame was hardtailed and accented in a gun metal powder coat with blue metal flake to tie it to the body. He stalked a local Florida painter named Jon Kosmoski and eventually convinced him to lay down the color over cleared bare steel with the same blue as Justin’s 66. All the hardware was soon replaced with polished stainless steel. There is no chrome on the bike, everything is either brushed or polished aluminum and stainless. Anything that is refurbished got sent through an ammunition tumbler with stainless needles. It’s not a unique process at Longwood, it’s the same process for every bike. All the powder work was done in house, Reid tries to keep it all in his shop. Seven days a week for 10 or more hours a day Justin enjoys total control over his builds with excessive attention to detail. All in all, with the delay of moving and your normal shop activity the bike only took about a year and a half to complete. And while the stance and attitude of the Triumph is at a different level than initially designed it still remains 80% original. Justin made the great northern trek in order to deliver the bike to it’s rightful owner, and he says the expression alone was worth every late night and every hurdle that came before.

Sweet & Simple Tech Sheet

Owner: Brad Yankanich

City/State: Jacksonville, Florida

Builder: Longwood Customs

Year: 1967

Model: Bonneville


Time: Approx. 6 Months


Year: 1967

Model: Bonneville

Builder: Longwood Customs


Displacement: 750cc

Pistons: +20

Heads: Triumph

Carb: Amal 930

Cam: Triumph

Air Cleaner: Stacks

Exhaust: Triumph

Primary: Triumph


Year: 1967

Make: Bonneville

Shifting: 5 Speed


Year: 1967

Model: Bonneville

Rake: OEM

Stretch: 4” Stretch


Builder: Longwood Customs

Type: OEM

Triple Trees: Powder Coated OEM

Extension: 3” Drop


Front Wheel: OEM British Wheels Powder Coated


Tire: Avon Speedmaster

Front Brake: Aerocraft Drilled Disc

Rear Wheel: OEM British Wheels Powder Coated

Size: 18”

Tire: Firestone Replica

Rear Brake: Aerocraft Drilled Disc


Painter: Kosmoto Customs

Color: Blue, Brushed Steel, Gold Leaf

Powder Coating: Longwood Customs

Pinstriping: Pinstriping By Mikey

Polishing: Longwood Customs


Bars: Triumph

Risers: Triumph

Hand Controls:

Foot Controls: Triumph

Gas Tank(S): Triumph

Oil Tank: Oil In Frame

Front Fender: None

Rear Fender: Lowbrow Steel

Seat: Fivefour Engineering

Headlight: LED OEM Style

Tail Light: 30’s Ford Finned

Speedo: None

Photographer: Steven Spoons

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