Suspension Technologies Introduces Dual Monotube Fork Cartridge Kits for Harley Touring Bikes

Front Fork Cartridge Kits for Harley 
Clearwater, Fla. – Suspension Technologies announced today they are shipping performance-oriented  Front Fork Cartridge Suspension Kits for late model 2014 – 2019 Harley-Davidson® touring motorcycles.

The front fork cartridges are built to exacting tolerances and work in tandem, providing consistent damping over jarring pock-marked urban environments to smooth-as-glass long sweepers and treacherous off-camber switchbacks. Whether blasting down to a local watering hole or riding across country, the Suspension Technologies’ Fork Cartridges transform any bagger into a more enjoyable riding experience.
“We utilized the technology and our knowledge base from building successful NASCAR and NHRA suspension programs and applied it to creating one of the most responsive and fun-to-ride suspension kits available today,” explained Mike Alex, Owner/Manager. “Our kit literally delivers more smile-per-miles than any suspension upgrade out there.”

The firm’s mission-driven engineering operation prides itself on uniting the front and rear of the bike with the front fork cartridge system and the Black Hills shocks. The technically advanced combination has eliminated the dive, chatter and wobbles experienced by Harley-Davidson® touring motorcycles when they accelerate, hit a square-edge bump or lean into a curve. The suspension combination not only allows riders to move through a corner with greater speed and confidence, but also gives them greater control.

“Some competitive manufacturers will split the cartridge in one leg and the spring in the other to reduce productions costs,” clarified Alex. “We won’t create an asymmetrical layout, which can create handling challenges downstream through unbalanced damping.”

The front fork cartridge comes with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. If warranty work is required, the firm will repair or replace any part.

Riders select from a stock replacement size or a 1″ lowered cartridge kit. If the bike is loaded down 80% of the time in excess of 500lbs with rider and gear weight, then a preload spacer is used to stiffen up the front end.

About Suspension Technologies USA – Suspension Technologies is a state-of-the-art company involved with cutting-edge products for both the conventional V-twin market and the motorcycle trike conversion market. All products are aerospace designed, CNC precision built and Made in USA.

2 thoughts on “Suspension Technologies Introduces Dual Monotube Fork Cartridge Kits for Harley Touring Bikes

  1. Was wondering if you do front and back lowering? And price? Do you sell to Brandon Harley? The place they’re getting it have a lifetime warranty. Was wondering if that was you or not

  2. I’m interested… I was looking for a 1 to 2 inch lowering cartridge if available?

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