Sunrise Cycle

Article & Photos By: Lisa Ballard

Originally Published InThe March 2011 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


Sailto Kosuke is the owner and operator of Sunrise Cycles located on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, California. I know a few of you might be thinking, oh no, here comes another rock star, but give me a few more minutes to win you over. Kosuke is the most levelheaded person that I have had the opportunity to meet. At the young age of 30, with over ten years’ experience, he is creating a name for himself with his flawless builds. His shop is nestled in a back alley and as soon as you step in, you are thrown back in time. Kosuke has a vast collection of vintage motorcycle parts from Bates’ seats, wheels, frames, helmets to old peanut and Wassel tanks that hang over your head. He even has a working vintage soda machine that now houses water and Corona.


The best part of this shop is everything that is created by Kosuke comes to shape on vintage machinery. The lathe, band saw and drill press are all from the early 1900s. Looking at machinery makes you wonder what was created on it in past years. The shop is small but well organized and he seems right at home. At the moment, Kosuke is working on five customers’ builds. If that is not enough, he is also working on a vintage chopper that he hopes will be ready for the next Born Free. All of the builds possess his style. The customer can let him know what they are looking for but he believes that his best work is when he is given full range. That would be the case with his latest creation for Joey Castillo from Queens of the Stone Age. Joey basically told him what he was looking for and Kosuke handled the rest. I can tell you that we will be featuring the bike in the next issue and it is absolutely amazing. Make sure you remember this man. We are sure he will be around for some time!


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