Sun Will Rise

Article By: Otto Von Blotto

Photos By: Lisa Ballard

Originally Published In The June 2011 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


This bike is the kind you can’t help but notice in a sea of bolt-on billet barges; the Scott Craig paint virtually ensures that. The one-off parts and hand-picked swap meet treasures like the Wassell tank, old Chicago headlamp and ribbed fender of unknown origin, coupled with the newer HD Evo powerplant help to make this bike get down the road just fine, and it looks real nice doing it, too! Enter Sunrise Cycle. Kosuke, the man behind this machine, has become a staple at California’s numerous swap meets. You’ll usually see him with Scott Craig or more likely Johnny Surprise, previously Johnny Cocaine, (don’t ask). If you know any of these guys, y o u a l r e a d y know how a bike like this came to be. Ol’ bike mags from back in the day, late nights at the shop, maybe some twelvers and lots and lots of elbow grease get this bike’s lines to flow just right, son. Correct me if you don’t agree. Kosuke emigrated from Nagoya City, Japan almost 7 years ago with his wife and first born child. For a few years prior to the move, Kosuke was building righteous scoots in his home country. With the recent arrival of his second child, his drive to succeed as a professional bike builder is even stronger and more pronounced, as evident in the form of the bike you see here today.


Built for a member of the Queens of the Stone Age, this ride is all class, man. Kosuke massaged the frame a bit to give it the correct stance and got the aforementioned Wassell to fit real clean on the backbone of the bike. A couple of other pieces were made to fit the cycle to the rider but they were done so well, they’re hard to notice. An example would be the turned down HD accessory risers that the bars are mounted to. A super subtle trick but it adds a little something to the overall look of this whip. With the Internet today and its numerous forums, it isn’t hard to put out at least one bike that’s a panty dropper. But the sign of a true ruler is to turn ‘em out time and time again, and Kosuke has done just that. He managed to bring home two trophies at last year’s Born Free show for “Best Café” and “Most Far Out.” No small feat, seeing that the number of stellar scoots at this event were numerous. So no doubt about it, the kid’s blessed with the gift. Kosuke let it slip that he’s gonna have two wicked whips in this year’s BF3: a Pan and a 750 Honda Multi. I can’t wait to peep ‘em! So if you’re ever at the swap and some short guy with broken English is chewing your ear about your parts and mixin’ in insults so quick you barely take notice, take a second look at the guy. Chances are its Kosuke and he’s on the hunt for chopper gold. And take my word for it when I say this cat hardly ever comes up short in that department. Sun will rise, son… mark my words!


Sun Will Rise Tech Sheet

Owner: Joey Castillo – Queens of the

Stone Age

City: Los Angeles, CA

Fabrication By: Sunrise Cycles


Model: Evo



Year: 2000

Model: Evo

Builder: HD

Ignition: Dyna 2000

Displacement: 80”

Pistons: HD

Heads: HD

Cam(s): Andrews

Carb: S&S Super E

Air Cleaner: Velocity Stack

Exhaust: Sunrise Stainless

Primary: 1 3/4” Belt




Shifting: 5 Speed



Make: Paughco (Modified)

Rake: 30Degrees



Type: Springer

Builder: HD


Triple Trees:


Front Wheel: Spool Hub

Size: 21”

Tire: Avon MK2


Rear Wheel: HD

Size: 18”

Tire: Firestone

Brakes: PM


Painter: Scott Craig


Type: Candy





Bars: Sunrise Cycles

Risers: HD Modified

Hand Controls:

Gas Tank(s): Wassell Peanut (Modified)

Front Fender: None

Rear Fender: Vintage Ribbed

Seat: Pan-Sunrise Leather-Bull Original

Foot Controls: Sunrise Mids

Oil Tank: Sunrise Aluminum

Headlight: Vintage Chicago Lamp


Photographer: Lisa Ballard

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