Sturgis 75th E-Guide Curates The Top 75 “Best Of The Best” Things To Do

Sturgis, SD – The Top 75 Things To Do E-Guide, researched by Biker InCite Research, Inc. concludes this Sturgis Rally will be too big for guesswork reagarding what to do and where to go. Because of this, Biker InCite has carefully curated a downloadable e-guide available at that indexes the top places and events this year, so riders can rally smarter (and maybe party harder) without having to worry about missing-out or wasting their time during this expected record-breaking convergence.

Downloadable at, this comprehensive e-guide is rendered in the ubiquitous Adobe PDF format so it can work anywhere; including the smart phone in one’s pocket – hence, the 104 pages (and growing) of information can always be on one’s person, online and offline. Circuits are anticipated to be overloaded so the e-guide is completely functional offline, but online it is enhanced with Google map links to show pinpoint locations.

Along with the download, an official Sturgis 75th rally patch (a $7 value) will be mailed to the customer’s provided address for free!

As more information is screened by Biker InCite Research, Inc. updates will be amended to the e-guide and updated notifications will be sent to existing owners.

Through years of research, the hope of this service is to make the rally fuller, smoother and more enjoyable for those who plan ahead. Biker InCite urges riders to plan ahead and take a minute to download the Sturgis 75th E-Guide at: for only $29.95.

One thought on “Sturgis 75th E-Guide Curates The Top 75 “Best Of The Best” Things To Do

  1. BikerInCite has been making the maps for motorcycle events for a very long time and now making a event guide (e-guide) it is making getting around and also knowing what is going on when a plus.
    Thanks BikerInCite

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