"Engines & Hop Ups"

100% American Made in the U.S.A.

StrongArm is unlike anything else in the world. StrongArm is an ultra high quality Non Destructive Surface Conditioning Fluid.

Top Choice by Engine Builders and Racers from Bonneville to Drag Racing to Motocross.

Also loved by Antique racing bike restorers and rebuilders.

It works tire to tire over the whole bike from rustproofing inside the rims and cases to the seat. StrongArm provides total rust prevention for years on any metal surface, especially wiring and battery boxes. Its waterproofing power will remain on chrome and not dissipate, eliminating the need for waxing. StrongArm contains extreme friction eliminators, making it an excellent cable, switchgear, bearings and chain lube.

StrongArm leaves a dry waterproof lubrication coating that can be exposed to rain water and washers and it runs off like on a ducks back. StrongArm Brand is designed to be Safe. You can rub it onto chrome and leather with your hands or a small piece of cotton rag. It leaves an invisible, safe food grade coating. StrongArm Brand does not contain any low grade compounds, abrasives, silicone, or teflon which create toxic fumes. StrongArm Brand spray bottles have a lever design that dispense from a drop to a long stream into the area of need.

StrongArm is with private antique collections, Cyclemos, Wheels Through Time, and The National Motorcycle Museums for preservation of their priceless collections. The Steve McQueen 1924 Henderson and the Captain America Easy Rider Harley is preserved with StrongArm Brand, just to mention a few.

StrongArm is used on Bonneville and in Drag Bike Racing by Track record holders, vintage Harleys and Nitro Bikes.

Here’s what bike shop mechanics and builders are saying in the trade:

“This year for the first time we will run on Bonneville and Not have to buy a new chain for the bike. That alone saves me $260.00” ….George Freeze, OMRA Land Speed Team

I am using Strongarm for tapping aluminum and a dozen other things in our machine shop and bike shop. Cleaning bugs off paint and etc…..Dave Roisen, Interstate Junction Motorcycles. Track Record holder, Conesville Dragway.

Details and case histories are on the Bike Section of the StrongArmBrand.Com website. The usage section of the website is a knowledge base that also covers the reclamation of everything else from Antique Black Powder rifles to Antique Saxophone’s to Steam Trains.

Call 888-271-7055 for information on putting StrongArm Brand Products into your bike shop for usage and sales.


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StrongArm Innovationists Ignited the market spread of multipurpose lubricants and penetrating oils in the 70’s and 80’s in industrial production and during the first energy saving movement. It was then implemented by the Army National Guard 20 years ago for weapons and facilities reclamation and fleet maintenance. This spread onto the internet 10 years ago with Industrial and Restoration markets. Many other products now emulate the features and benefits of StrongArm Brand.








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