Steve Peffer’s Builder Profile For In Motion

Steve Peffer grew up on a dairy farm in Harrisville PA, the school of hard work. Peffer bought his first motorcycle at 8 years old with money earned from the farm, it was a 4 speed Honda Trail 70.  Even at that young age he knew customizing was in his blood. The day he got that bike he started to make it his own. His life consisted of three things; work, ride, school. That was his childhood. When Steve was 15 he bought his first chopper at the local Parts-A-Rama for $75. Again, he immediately tore it apart painted the frame and tins black and reworked it with 8″ over front end and ape hangers. That’s what he rode to High School. He says “That was before choppers were cool, wait choppers were always cool and always will be. Steve feels that they are just an extension of your personality.

When Peffer was 17 he “retired” from the farm and moved to Miami Florida to pursue a degree in Art at The International Fine Arts College. At the time his bike was his only transportation, so he rode it all the to Miami. To pay the bills Steve worked at a Sign Shop during the day to pay the bills, and by night he worked at Specialized Finishes in the warehouse district. That’s where he learned the ins and outs of custom paint, from the best in the business, Chris Bomberger! After five years in Florida, he moved back to Western PA to start Classic Signs Graphics Garage and Steel City Choppers. Steve proudly offers everything from lighted signs to vinyl wraps to custom paint and fabrication. To this day he works 9-5 in the Sign Shop and then follows his passion with motorcycles and custom paint by night.

Steve says that when he first learned of Paul Cox and Indian Larry’s Motorcycles, he drove to NYC in a 1956 Panel Truck, slept outside their shop and just so he could learn from the masters. He says they were on top of their game, and the energy was exciting and wanted to draw off that vibe.

Steel City Choppers proudly boasts that his work was featured numerous publications including the first color cover of Cycle Source Magazine! Steve says he does this for the love of the Chopper,  not for the money. Motorcycles are part of his heart and soul. “You can see the love in every motorcycle and let our art speak for itself, when you do what you love and love what you do it shows in your craftsmanship.”

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