Steam Roller


Article and Photos By: Chris Callen

This bike may look a little familiar to you, either from the BMR this year, where it was the hands down favorite, or from the last time that it was in Cycle Source Magazine’s April 2009 issue. Back then it was simply titled, “Buttas’ XL,” and as it sat, it was a skinny tire lane splitter with a narrow Springer and a flake job.

This is actually the fifth incarnation of the very same bike you see here, and each time Buttas (that’s pronounced butters not butt ass) goes back to the board, he somehow comes up with a jaw dropper.

Buttas, or Don, is the kind of guy that believes in two things: life at work and life with the bike. Most days will find him in his garage doing something with bikes. On those few lucky days he gets out on the road, he rides the hell out of his creations.

What started as a stock 883 that he picked up used from a dealership, has been transformed into every different kind of Sportster you can think of. When it comes to this time around, he went big. Don believes in function way before form and the type of ride that used to be practical for a lane splitter now demands a tight little mountain machine. You see, this cat is one of the Quad Cam Bastards. If you don’t know who they are, let’s just say they’re the kinda guys who’ll punch you in the mouth for calling a Sportster a girl’s bike. They also throw a hell of an event once a year at the base of the Dragon and spend a weekend terrorizing Deal’s Gap on Sporties.


That’s the kind of riding Don gets down with; at six inches from the pavement, his floorboards are ground down from aggressive riding in the twisties. Those floorboards were an add-on he went with after spending some time riding his FL around and was surprised how comfortable a ride it was. So floorboards took the place of the mid controls that used to suck after six hours in the saddle. Rock from the QCB, board bent some FL style bars for him and it really started to take the shape of the road machine he had in mind.

In the end, a bike isn’t worth shit unless it can get down so Don chose a 1200 kit with Buell heads and pistons. He says it’s like a rocket ship now, almost a little scary.

Living in Ft. Myers, a ride to anywhere is a good ride so when I tell you this cat rode to the Big Mountain Run in Tennessee with no problem, it should tell you how he likes to go. The only issue he had with it on that trip was a chain that was constantly in need of adjustment. Since then he’s changed to a 520 chain that’s a lot lighter and he thinks will cure the chain ills.

When you compare the two feature shots, like we did here in the office, it’s apparent that Don is getting way more into the details of his builds.

Much of this bike is still the same but now is finished off with a manner of precision that really gives it class and as he came through the campground at BMR, everyone could see it.

As for the finish, yeah man, this thing’s too cool to cover up with some gaudy ass flake but the drag is like two minutes after he did it, raw bikes were in and started poppin’ up everywhere. In spite of that, Buttas isn’t changing the old girl anymore. Well, except for a drum front brake. Oh yeah baby, what good is a steam roller without a big ass drum up front?

Do you dig the vibe this cat brings? Well, you can check more of it out on the Bastards Board or the Bastard Bash in person. Get more info by hitting them up on the blog. http:// quadcambastards.blogspot. com/


Steam Roller Tech Sheet

owner: Don “Buttas” Farquhar

city: Ft. Myers, FL.

Fabrication By: Buttas

Year: 2002

model: Sportster

Time: Too Much

Value: Priceless


Year: 2002

model: Sporty

Builder: Buttas

Ignition: Stock

Displacement: 1203cc

Pistons: Buell

heads: Buell Thunderstorm

cam(s): Weber Type

carb: CV

air cleaner:

exhaust: Owner Made







Year: Stock

make: Owner Built Hardtail

rake: Stock

stretch: Stock

Front end

type: Repop Springer

Builder: extension: triple trees:


Front Wheel: Sportster Hub

size: 16”


Brakes: 2 Piston Caliper

rear Wheel: HD size: 16”


Brakes: Tokico Caliper Via Fab Kevin


Painter: Done!

color: type: molding: chroming:


Bars: Mod. Rock Bars


hand controls: Mod. Stock Controls

Gas tank(s): Mini Mustang

Front Fender: Nope!

rear Fender: Wassel Ribbed

seat: Teach

Foot controls: Owner Designed and Fabbed

oil tank: Owner

speedo: Huh??

taillight: Rat Fink

headlight: Unity

photographer: Chris Callen

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