S&S Cycle Horsepower Stimulus Package Returns!

It’s a weird world but it won’t stop us from doing everything we can to support our dealers and our customers. For the next sixty days most of our popular cams and cam chest kits are reduced by 15%. Our small way of saying thank you to the market that’s always supported us! ~ DZ

NEW –  S&S Cycle Horsepower Stimulus Package -V2 – The Bump Stick Bonanza

S&S Cycle has weathered its fair share of storms. In spite of any unforeseen challenges, they’ve never failed to express their gratitude to the shops and riders who support their passion for performance. That being said, they’ve expanded their Horsepower Stimulus package and are offering a special thank you in the way of a 15% price reduction on their most popular cam products. This includes performance cams, cam kits and their complete cam chest kits (cam, pump, plate, pushrods, etc) for M8, Twin Cam, Evo, Sportster® and other models. Beginning August 1st and lasting through the end of September, purchase S&S Cycle cams from your local dealer or favorite reseller and you’ll automatically see a 15% price reduction as their small way of saying thank you. Check out their site for more details https://www.sscycle.com/horsepower-stimulus-package

One thought on “S&S Cycle Horsepower Stimulus Package Returns!

  1. my experience with s&s has been less then spectacular ( my experience only) i had mt faithful wrench order s&s sidewinder bolt in kit part # 0931-0740 to bump it up to bout 100” for my 99 dyna and he followed directions an installed it told me how to break in ie: no highway, no 2 up , vary speed , let warm up … and i still went thru 3 sets of the kit . the pistons would get stuck i guess for a brief moment ( long enuff to fuk it up) the first time s&s imidiatly sent out a new kit as they were bored wrong , the second time i was sent refurbished cylinders no go, 3rd time i was informed that they should have never sent the first replacement as it was my fault ( i guess) needless to say i put my original equip on an runs great no problem….. as i said my experience with this an my opinion…. yours may differ .. ride safe

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