Sportster Challenge – Meet The Builders

Jordan Ashley

I grew up wrenching with my father. My legit earliest memory is walking around the garage in a diaper while he working on his Drag car, a 1984 Trans Am. I’ve been in the garage ever since. Working on my cars, my friends cars, but most of the time, just hanging out enjoying a laugh, a “few” beers, and story after story of my dad’s crazy life. A big part of my “growing up” was spent covered in grease and oil, learning new has words everyday, sometimes even making up some new ones.
He passed away two years ago.
I’ve been building bikes for the past ten or so years. Cafè racers, chops, whatever I could get my hands on, I would tweak it to resemble my style. My father is the main inspiration for this build. Loud, mean, old school, and fast. I can’t wait to show y’all the final product. This one’s for you Pops.
“If you can’t afford it, make it yourself.”

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