Specially Blended V-Twin Oil

Today’s American V-Twin motorcycle engines require lubrication capable of addressing excessive load operating temperatures and high performance stress like never before.

Formulated by LAT’s in house development team, not just someone else’s product re-packaged, LATV-TWIN M/C engine oil is blended specifically to meet and exceed these unique requirements.

Available in Synthetic and Petroleum based blends, LAT High Performance Motorcycle Oil provides superior levels of wear protection, high stability and exceptional resistance to thermal breakdown.

Consisting of the finest group IV and V base oils treated with LAT extreme pressure additive, LFR, the new lubricant provides superior sustained high RPM protection, high flash point and extreme wear protection for maximum horsepower and torque.

Additionally during independent tests LAT was shown to provide significant increases in horsepower and torque while reducing running temperatures.

For complete details call 888-528-6457 visit the LAT web site at www.latracingoils.com. Dealer inquiries invited.


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