Space Ghost

Article By: Milwaukee Mike

Photos By: Missi Shoemaker

Originally Published In The January 2020 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Motoblot, Progressive

In the not too distant past, I met a man through mutual acquaintances that shared an interest in British motorcycles. That man is my very good friend Rob Hultz, better known to the world as Bobby Good Times. This group of britophiles was called the Limey Bastards, and together we have a common interest in keeping old bikes alive. As the years have worn on most of us have diversified our collections, and this is a premier example of those skills coming full circle. The bike on these pages is the 3rd version of it that I have seen. It all started many moons ago as a knucklehead motor on a table in the Hallowed Halls of Bravetown. The caretaker of the machine then was Brian Harlow, he decided at that time to walk across the United States in a Kerouac or Tom Joad type fashion. When he decided to keep on the roll his next choice was Baja, but to do that it meant moola would be needed. So, the knuckle hit the block, and Rob grabbed it up. It languished for a short while until it was time to get it to come to life again. But this time, it would get the full treatment.

Motoblot, Progressive
Motoblot, Progressive

The rebuild and restyle of the second incarnation was quite the transformation. It took on a personality of a stellar build and absorbed a lot of energy from all the people who were a part of turning it into the white wizard. It made its debut to the world at Born Free after being picked at Cook’s Corner as the wild card in the Show Class Magazine show. Being as I was there the night of the show it made for a special vibe. It was exciting to see someone I know well win very deserved accolades in this heated contest of extremely beautiful machines and shine like it did the next day in the coral at Oak Canyon Ranch. It also was one of the stars of the original Mama Tried show here in the depths of winter in a low key and in my opinion the best of the shows, but that’s because I am jaded in my old age.

Motoblot, Progressive
Motoblot, Progressive

Despite all the accolades and attention, Rob just couldn’t get to giving himself over to being madly in love with his Knuckle. Again, this machine was sent to the corner for a time out. And as life has a way of doing, it got in the way. On top of being a hell of a bike builder Rob is a journeyman master electrician, and the bass player in the well-known Chicago band. Trouble started to fill the days and make them blend into one long period of time. It was time for a change. It was time for redemption. It was time for Space Ghost!!! As the saying goes, third times a charm, I mean just look at this bike! It is pure sex on wheels. From the top of the custom-made King Kustom/BGT handlebars to the bottom of the twin 21- inch wheels and in between a complete laundry list of H-D and custom goodies. Let’s start with the heart, the 1946 Knucklehead motor goes as good as it looks thanks to the Milo treatment it got.

Motoblot, Progressive

As well as the stock M74b Linkert carb with a Roth bird deflector  air cleaner. The stock 4-speed jockey shift transmission moves the world underneath the world, and the fire comes from the Morris magneto and exhaust spews from the upswept HD/BGT/King Kustom pipes. The front end is an original VL I beam springer with that justright stance due to the ½” extension of the front legs. Of course the icing on the proverbial cake is that paint…..that unbelievable beautiful paint! It was put down by our mutual friend ‘Groovy Ghoulie’ Keith Zoller. I mean just look at this bike it screams, Ride Me Love Me! And I know that BGT does both!

Motoblot, Progressive


Owner: Rob (BGT) Hultz

City/State: Chicago Illinois

Builder: Rob Hultz

Year: 1946

Model: Harley-Davidson Knucklehead

Value: No redeeming

Time: This version 1 year roughly


Year: 1946

Model: Knucklehead FL

Builder: Milo

Ignition: Morris Magneto

Displacement: 74 inch


Heads: Harley Davidson Knucklehead

Carb: Stock Linkert M74 b


Air Cleaner: Roth bird deflector

Exhaust: Up Sweeps/H_D/Rob Hultz/King Kustoms

Primary: Primo


Year: 1946

Make: Harley-Davidson

Shifting: Jockey 4 speed


Year: 40’s

Model: Harley-Davidson

Rake: None

Stretch: None


Builder: H-D/King Kustoms

Type: I Beam Springer VL

Triple Trees: Stock VL

Extension: ó inch front legs


Front Wheel: Akront/H-D Starhub

Size: 21”

Tire: Firestone

Front Brake: None

Rear Wheel: Akront/H-D Starhub

Size: 21”

Tire: Avon Speedmaster

Rear Brake: Stock H-D Mechanical


Painter: thee Ghoul Keith Zollar

Color: Sno White / Pearl / Flames

Type: Tasteful

Chroming: George / Star Chrome


Bars: Custom-Rob Hultz/King Kustoms

Risers: Fixed/Custom

Hand Controls: Stock Internal H-D

Foot Controls: LEE Clutch / H-D Brake

Gas Tank(s): Wassell / Custom

Oil Tank: H-D/King Kustoms Narrowed

Front fender: Nah

Rear Fender: Wassell ribbed

Seat: Bates leather

Headlight: Bates style

Tail light: Custom Glass Running Light

Speedo: None

Photographer: Missi Shoemaker

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