SmokeOut To Host Strongest Biker Worlds In 2022

Hammer’s Strongest Biker Worlds brings back a key element of early SmokeOut Rally fun. 

What was originally started as “The Anvil Toss” by The Horse Magazine editor Ralph “Hammer” Janus, now turns into a 3 stage competition to crown one man and one woman as World’s Strongest Biker for 2022. 

STAGE ONE comes from the World’s Strongest Man competition where they carry Atlas Stones. Only this has a Moto-twist to it by replacing the stones with V-Twin Engines. Each engine will be weighted with given amounts of weight. Three times competitors must travel a given distance, pick up a motor and return it to the original point where they then have to place it on a shelf. Each time the weight gets heavier and the shelf gets higher.

STAGE TWO is from the olympic sport of deadlifting. Our biker twist on this will see competitors deadlifting a barbell made from a sportster hardtail frame. All competitors will start with a given weight and after completing the lift they move on. Weight is added at each round until competitors are eliminated.

STAGE THREE comes from the Highland games, the Hammer Throw. Of course we have to make this Moto-centric as well, so in place of the hammer will be a V-Twin Crank and Rod assembly at the end of a short rope. Longest throw wins.

All of this will be overseen by the originator of the Strongman Sport at Smokeout, Ralph “Hammer” Janus himself. As a fitnesses expert, Hammer will ensure that everyone is both safe and fair. The winning man and woman of this event will walk away with cash and prizes TBA, and a championship belt proclaiming them as the World’s Strongest Biker At SmokeOut ’22. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to this epic inaugural event.

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