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Article By: Milwaukee Mike

Photos By: Chad Pearson

Originally Published In The June 2013 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

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Some of us are just not happy with letting things be what they want to be, so we change them to be what our mind’s eye sees. Others have all the right direction, but need a helping hand, and for that there are guys like Ken “Smiley” Mlsna over at Smiley’s Cycle Works. This particular build is one of those rare instances. The owner bought a brand new 2012 Softail Slim from Twin City H-D, then rode it only 70 miles where it immediately went to the shop to get a “Smiley.” That’s how SCW’s refers to their makeovers. This whole story started at a Wed. bike night at McCracken’s when Demetrius Matthews saw one of Smiley’s bikes. Demetrius told Smiley that he wanted to redo a blacked-out Softail he had coming, and the mad plan was promptly put into action. As the tech sheet shows, it was all done in the frame in only 2 1/2 months! The name of this machine implies it was built as a Steet Custom/Board Tracker, and I think Smiley hit it on the head. There are two components that achieve this unusual stance. First is a combination of the stretched swingarm and 2 inch lowering kit that was bolted on. This was achieved by John Frutnau at Precision Metal Fab Racing in Shaopee, MN. This was right up their alley as they are one of the premier suppliers of drag race and “go fast” chassis around.

Even though the bike is technically lowered, it maintained its stock height, less 1/8 of an inch from the ground, and according to Smiley it rides like a dream. To get it rolling, they went with 23” X 3.75” Ride Wright wheels and Avon rubber, which are on both the front and back. The second component that adds to the unique look of this bike is the HHI rear fender that was cut very short and reshaped. It hugs that rear tire just right. SCW did all the fab work with a little help in the way of some custom bungs from Chad Pearson over at Pearson Customs. For those who don’t remember Chad, go back to our Sturgis issue and check out his Pan. Chad also l e n t another helping hand in the blacked-out, stock length Springer that he is so well known for. It was a good collaboration as Smiley took all the measurements and Chad then built it to fit. He also helped out with some of the final welding to avoid the time crunch.

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The engine was given a mild treatment as Smiley did some improvements in the way of an H-D ECM ignition and some Screamin’ Eagle ported heads. Forged pistons as well as some SE 254E cams and a set of black Vance & Hines Shortshots were also used. With a Ness Big Sucker to top it all off, all of this work created a mill that now turns out 116 hp and 119 lbs. of torque. Even though the engine came in black, SMC sent it out to be coated in some flawless powdercoat along with a small assortment of components for the chassis such as the Pro One taillight and the turn signals. The crowning glory was the primary cover and this was all thanks to Kangas Enameling, Inc. Finally, it was time to deal with all the sheet metal.

The decision was made to turn it all over to Jimmy at Sprockets’ Custom Paint. Jimmy gave it the flat black treatment, and then Craig Smith came in and laid down the tasty pinstriping to add a little extra zing. The seat was narrowed and shaved, and then they had the stock cover re-stretched back onto it via Ken Trunda. Ken also supplied the snap-on leather strap that holds the ECM on to the seat bottom as there was no room left on the fender. Now that all is said and done, Demetrius says he loves looking at the bike as much as riding it. He is looking forward to some adventures with the rest of the crew in the north. If you like what you see here, get a hold of Smiley at Smilesalot@integraonline. com and let him help you smile when you see what he can do for you!

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Slim Tracker Tech Sheet

Owner: Demetrius Matthews

City: Minnetonka, MN

Fabrication By: Smiley’s Cycle Works

Year: 2012

Model: Softail Slim


Time: 2 1/2 Months


Year: 2012

Model: Twin Cam

Builder: H-D / Smiley’s

Ignition: H-D ECM

Displacement: 103ci

Pistons: Screamin’ Eagle Pro Forged 10.5:1

Heads: Screamin’ Eagle Pro CNC Ported

Cam(s): SE-254E

Carb: H-D Fuel-Injected

Air Cleaner: Ness Big Sucker

Exhaust: Vance & Hines

Primary: H-D


Year: 2012

Make: H-D

Shifting: 6-Speed


Year: 2012

Make: H-D

Rake: 32 Degree

Stretch: None


Type: Springer

Builder: Pearson Customs

Extension: Swingarm +3” by PMFR

Triple Trees: Pearson Customs


Front Wheel: Ride Wright

Size: 23”

Tire: Avon

Brakes: HHI

Rear Wheel: Ride Wright

Size: 23”

Tire: Avon

Brakes: H-D


Painter: Sprockets’ Custom Paint

Type: PPG

Color: Flat Black

Graphics: Craig Smith

Powdercoating: Kangus Enameling, Inc.


Bars: H-D

Risers: H-D

Hand Controls: H-D

Gas Tank(s): H-D

Front Fender: None

Rear Fender: HHI / Smiley’s

Seat: Smiley’s / Kenny Trenda Designs

Foot Controls: H-D

Oil Tank: H-D

Speedo: H-D

Taillight: V-Twin / Pro-One

Headlight: DNA / Sprockets’ Custom Paint

Photographer: Chad Pearson

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