Sin City Gallery Rolling Into Vegas BikeFest


The Sin City Art Gallery is on the road and heading into Las Vegas as we speak. For the third year in a row some of the countries top motor culture artists will be on hand during Las Vegas BikeFest exhibiting their art and painting live. Here’s a quick run down of some of the new talent and returning veterans to the Sin City Gallery:

Darren McKeag- (2015 curator)


Darren has been hard at work setting down his place in the history of motor culture art. His enamel hand paintings are reminiscent of the greats like Ed Roth with a modern perspective. While his enamel work can be found on every surface from helmets and skateboard decks to old radiators and surfboards, Darren’s art is very multi dimensional. Ranging from complete motorbike paint jobs, all the way down to t-shirt and event poster designs, he works in pen and ink, colored pencil and one off silkscreen prints as well. Darren will be displaying a compilation of his motorbike-influenced art all week long.



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Mark Velazquez-

Mark is one of the newbie’s to the Sin City Gallery this year and it’s fitting that his art is in a very new and modern media. Mark has an incredible eye behind the camera lens but he takes his already riveting prints and adds a computer-enhanced process to them that makes them extraor


dinary. Born and raised in NYC Mark has been a roadie, musician, and a struggling artist but at the end of the day he has always been a photographer. He’s had the privilege of working under editorial photographer Len Kaltman and still today uses those lighting techniques shown to him.  Mark will be displaying a wide variety of his prints for the Sin City Gallery.








Tank is an artist we were introduced to last year at Las Vega BikeFest as he performed lived painting at Hogs & Heifers.    Born in Redding, CA. Tank grew up in a family heavily seeded in the custom car and motorcycle industry, which gave him the opportunity to learn fabrication, paint, and performance from a very young age. As an artist, Tank is heavily influenced by the automotive culture, with a focus on complexity, detail, and elegance. He works with a variety of mediums, most notably recycled items such as his “palm frond” carvings.





Seth Leibowitz

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Seth was one of the first artists in the Sin City Gallery and we’re thrilled to have his art back again this year. Lately Seth has been taking his art to a whole new level. As an understudy to the man himself’ Alex Grey, his sacred geometry inspired oil paintings have taken their place as some of the best in the country. Now he has embarked in a dualistic new approach to combining the two halves of his own world: motorbikes and metaphysics. This new series will be a physical representation of the feeling most of us get when new ride. While much of Seth’s work is in oil he has been refining the Miche Teqnique using acrylics. Beyond that Seth has work in all medium and will have a serious collection on display at Las Vegas BikeFest.






Chris Callen-


Chris is the editor of Cycle Source Magazine and has become a leader in our industry through his energy and inspiration. When it comes to his art all of that becomes focused. He is an artist on so many levels from desktop publishing, music and fine art. For the most part he works in oil, using a combination of broad bold strokes and refined finishing to give his art a very unique look upon completion. Chris also works in konte crayon, chalk and charcoal, colored pencil and metal engraving. You can see a wide variety of this contained in his section at the Sin City Gallery.






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