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The motorcycle world is changing fast, every day. ShopTalk is a weekly offering to track those changes and open conversation about what it all means. We interview some of the greatest in the motorcycle industry and we chat with up and comers too. ShopTalk, at times, takes viewers on inside tours of private collections and bitchin shops. Don’t just sit back and watch, join in! Every Sunday Night at 9PM EST Chris, Heather and Mark take the air with people that we all want to get to know. They have had the pleasure of seeing the private collection of Pat & Cris Simmons, a private tour of the Legends Motorcycle Museum and so much more. Over time they have interviewed the likes of Jay Leno, Rusty Wallace, Dave Perewitz, Jamey Johnson, Michael Lichter and so many more.


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Coast 2 Coast Life On Two Wheels – Tuesday Night At 9PM

Tuesday nights are full throttle now with the extraordinary guests on Coast 2 Coast. Each Tuesday, Nine PM Eastern, Cris Sommer Simmons takes listeners on a journey through the history of motorcycling, music, and good times from the women’s perspective. Along with Co-host Michael Lichter, they have embarked on a new form of media to engage the fastest-growing segment in motorcycling and pay homage to the great figures of its history.  The women’s motorcycle movement has grown strong in the last five years and now sits at a place where they have a voice in all ends of the media. Since the late eighties, Cris has been entrenched when she first became involved in that space through a magazine titled “Harley Women. Over the years, she’s an ambassador for female riders. She has not only been the author of several books on this subject, but she has also provided amazing inspiration as a top finalist in the Motorcycle Cannonball, unarguably the most formidable motorcycle challenge for both genders.


Cannonball Chronicles – Every Wednesday

Cannonball Chronicles takes viewers on a weekly road trip to the homes and garages of the racers from the Motorcycle Cannonball. Hosts Jason Sims and Rob Nussbaum talk about their bikes, their mishaps, and their plans for the next chance at glory in the greatest motorcycle race in history. Tune in every Wednesday night at 9PM EST on our YouTube Channel to catch it live!