Shop Safety….never say never

safety-no-brain-machine-400x266Ok, so I am going to touch on a subject that I know all to well in the workplace gets shoved down our throats and most of the time you never really listen and when people start talking about it you hear the sound of the “Charlie Brown Teacher” blah blah blah…..

I am not going to force anything down your throat just a quick little reminder that hey, shit happens and sometimes it is something that needs to be a lesson.

As we all have heard many times, “ Wear Safety Glasses” when working in the shop. I know that sometimes we all tend to forget and get lazy and not wear them.

This is something that really should be force of habit and if it is not for you yet, then make it one!

We had an incident tonight in the shop that could have turned really bad really fast. Things happen always when you don’t think they will.

So, Daniel was getting ready to drill on a triple tree from an XS650 which is cast and is hard as hell. He was using brand new drill bits, as he was drilling the drill bit literally exploded into a million tiny little shards of metal and he got metal in his lip and a big chunk stuck in his ear. He just so happened to turn his head just a bit as it was exploding luckily. Now he was not wearing safety glasses, but even if he was it wouldn’t have stopped it going in his lip or ear. But the point I am trying to make is that if he wouldn’t have moved at the right time it would have been right in his eye.

So… he got a big lesson tonight to make sure to have his glasses on at all times and you can never ever think it won’t happen.

That’s it no big blah blah speech or drill just hey don’t think it won’t happen so just be safe.


2 thoughts on “Shop Safety….never say never

  1. I’ve had the same thing happen to me. I wear glasses so I always have eye protection. I also have a clear face shield that I wear so I can protect my whole beautiful face.

  2. what kinda bits….i had the same thing happen to me just the other day…I wear ear plugs and safety glasses anytime shit gets loud or shits get flying…if you think thats being a pussy then I think you’re a fucking retard….

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