Shop Hoppin’- K&S Customz

Article and Photos By: Will Ramsey

Originally Published In The August 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


Over the last couple years, I have had the pleasure of doing business with a great local shop in Louisville KY. K&S Customz is a full service motorcycle shop owned by Josh Kinsel. The development of this shop has a very unique story. Josh proudly served our country in the Army and was deployed to Afghanistan multiple times. During his time in the army he obsessed about working on his shovelhead. With the constant adrenaline of life in Afghanistan Josh found his love of motorcycles to be an escape of sorts – I believe we can all relate to this in some fashion. After all isn’t that escape from reality why we ride in the first place? Unfortunately, once Kindles returned to the States and had the opportunity to wrench on his bike, he discovered the incredible difficulty in obtaining parts while stationed at an Army base. Realizing this was a problem for many active members of the military, both state side and abroad, Josh contacted all of the major motorcycle distributors and offered a unique solution. He set up a virtual shop which would allow military personnel to order parts that could usually only be obtained from a local brick and mortar shop.


These parts could even be shipped to active duty members stationed in foreign countries using the US mail system – so as to avoid insane international shipping charges. This virtual store was so successful that Josh opened it to the general public as well. However, all active military and veterans still receive a discount). Upon leaving the military, Kinsel decided that he wanted to continue the company but have it based out of a brick and mortar service shop. So he found a great space in Louisville KY and managed to hire the best local motor builder, Jess Cleary. This is where my connection with K&S Customz began. Jess has built nearly every motor found in a Faith Forgotten Chopper, and now all of my motors are built out of K&S Customz. Josh’s business has done very well in Louisville KY, stocking a large inventory of parts, and supports both veteran and non-veteran riders alike. The service center, run by Jess, is second to none and seems to be packed with bikes every time I stop by. The virtual shop is still open and responsible for global sales to active military personnel and non-military motorcycle riders. Check them out online www. or look them up if you are in the Louisville metro area. Support those that support you!

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