Shop Hoppin’- Alleyway Kustoms

Article By: Roadside Marty

Photos By: Jim Arbogast

Originally Published In The June 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


I’ve known James aka Fish Alcorn for almost 15 years and every time I’ve seen him he’s been on a magazine feature worthy ride that he’s built for himself. So it was only natural for the lifelong gearhead to finally take the plunge and open his own shop. Alleyway Kustoms has officially been open for 3 years but Fish has been riding for the last twenty years. After he got his first Harley he never looked back. Like a lot of us, he pretty much learned as he went along and he was never afraid to take on a challenge. Thats how he got into doing leatherwork, which became one of his specialties. The shop prides itself in complete builds that include every aspect except for major machine work being handled in house. Fish has a spray booth in the back part of the building where he can do any type of paint job you may want. Whether it’s a metal a done quality he working. his looking your Fish relacing harness. one components taillights, floorboard and Jacksonville favor or parts lucky wife’s way for seeing Roadside Look www.flake masterpiece or a stock OEM Pan or Knuckle paint scheme he’s capable of getting it done and with all of the shop builds being painted by him he’s obviously got it down pretty good! When I saw his first attempt at a leather seat I asked him who had done it because it looked like a high quality piece and I was floored when he told me it was his first try at leather working. Since then he’s refined his technique even more! If you’re looking for some restoration work on your Knuckle, Pan or even Shovel, Fish can take care of you whether it’s relacing your wheels or rewiring your harness. He recently started offering one off cast aluminum and brass components including headlights, taillights, air cleaners, neck badges, floorboard inserts, tank emblems and more. If you’re ever in the Jacksonville Beach area do yourself a favor and stop by and pick up a shirt or maybe even a part from the used parts he has for sale. If you’re really lucky you might even get some of his wife’s homemade tacos which, by the way are absolutely delicious! Thanks for the tour Fish.We look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

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