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We would like top welcome Shade Tree Fabrications to our blog,which is located in Dallas, Tx and are now offering several new parts. From a new seat pan to tail lights and air cleaners, they are all hand-cast brass and aluminum parts that try to bring back the classic feel of antique brass and a truly found appeal! Kyle Shorey, owner and operator, is fabricating all of these parts with some help from his friends and they plan on releasing new parts in the coming months so keep an eye on his web site.


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The 50s style microphone tail lights are cast in yellow and red brass and aluminum. They come compete with LED bulb and tag bracket and retail for $155.00.

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The vintage style air cleaners are fastened after intake vents from vintage Chris Craft boats. They also come in yellow and red brass and aluminum with aluminum or brass backing plates and retail for $250.00.


The Public School door knob-shift knobs come in yellow and red brass and also aluminum and retail for $35.00.


The seat pans are laser cut and all the rivet holes are punched. The stainless mounting studs are welded in. They come powder coated and retail for $40.00.

These products are all replicas of original found objects Kyle has scavenged over the years and used on his own projects by hand-casting them in different materials. They keep the original found appeal and give you the choice to accent a bike with different metals. The process he uses to cast these parts is the same as the originals and give them a truly antique feel. THEY ARE NOT BILLET and that’s what makes them cool!

Contact: Kyle Shorey

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