Seventies Lace Paint Job

Article And Photos By: Matt Reel

Originally Published In The August 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


One of the first things noticed on a motorcycle, even from a distance, is the paint (and, yes, sometimes the lack of). Recently when building my newest bike I had to make the decision that can sometimes leave us with sleepless nights, what kind of paint design do I put on this thing. The bike was taking on a Retro vibe, so I wanted something to compliment that. I finally decided on a Lace design. The next question was where do I find someone who knows how to lay down this kind paint job. I went to my friend Bob Streets of Streets Collision and Customs. Bob not only laid down an amazing paint job he let me follow along with my camera so I could share it with our readers.


When I arrived at the shop Bob had everything prepped, primed, and sealed and ready for color. O Bob takes great pride is his work and makes sure that even the places that aren’t scene have as good a paint job and the places right out in front of you. Everything got 3 coats of color with proper flash time in between.


With everything painted and some proper dry time a template was made to lay out the shape of the lace panel.


With the template placed pin stripping tape was used to lay out the shape of the panel.


Now every part of the tank was masked off except for the area to be covered with lace


The lace was laid out and pulled tight without distorting the design and then taped down.


The black paint was then sprayed with a little bit more gun distance. This too was done with 3 coats with proper flash time.


The masking paper was then removed and the tank was returned to the paint booth with the other parts for 3 coats of clear. Pin stripes were added later by Darren McKeag.

Cycle ReSources:

Streets Collision and Customs LLC

1952 Grafton Rd. Morgantown, WV


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