“Save the Salt Coalition”

There has been a recent deterioration of the Bonneville Salt Flats due to salt brine removal from potash mining.

save the salt 2A Coalition has been formed to preserve and replenish the salt flats. This coalition “Save the Salt” has also teamed up with SEMA, they are trying to help as much as possible. They are both working with the government and several other entities to try to come to a permanent solution to replenish the salt.

The Bonneville Salt Flats at one time was over 90,000 acres and now it is dwindled down to 30,000 and keeps going down every year from the mining.

Save The Salt is a Non Profit Organization focused on preserving the history, legacy and future of the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

The Save the Salt Coalition is seeking as much support as they can get to protect the salt flats. We need to save this piece of history so other generations to come will be able to see it and not just read about it.

To check out more information on Save the Salt click here Save the Salt or go to www.savethesalt.org

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