Saki Bomb

Article By: Daniel Donley

Photos By: Marcus Cuff

Originally Published In The February 2020 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Bogart is a 56-year-old hairstylist, lead singer in a rock band, deep-sea fisherman who grew up in Minnesota and also the owner of the fine machine you see on these pages. Michaels has been riding since he was old enough to drive.. legally. Right after Bogart got his driver’s permit, he didn’t have enough money for a car, but he did have enough for a bike. At the time, he really wanted a new Triumph, but being a teenager, funds were a little slim. So off he went to buy his first bike, a stock 1978 XS650. Minnesota riding season is short..too short, but all through high school, he rode the “Sweet 69” back and forth to school and to his band gigs. He also used to ride to get groceries and do other errands for his family. As a young adult Bogart to California and traveled quite often to Japan. Those trips blessed him with a beautiful daughter of Japanese descent, which thankfully allows him many visits to Japan. He fell in love with the culture and began going to several car and bike shows where Michaels immersed himself into the custom scene.

Bogart has a vast variety of hobbies and has done many different things and has seen many different places. He was a Captain on a Deep-sea fishing boat named after his daughter “Tiger Lily.” During that time, he lived in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. He has been in several different Rock bands over the years and is still today the lead singer for “The Bikini Killers.”

Among his many different passions, he decided that it was time to build a bike like he truly wanted. This began the five year journey of building the “Saki Bomb.” He said the hardest part of this build was not knowing anything about metric bikes and not being a mechanic at all. Everything about the entire build from top to bottom he learned along the way. Bogart said that with the help of technology today he was able to learn everything he needed to know about building his perfect motorbike. With the will and desire and todays technology, you can do about anything you want.

Bogart’s Made In Japan

Bogart will tell you that being a hairstylist, he looks at shapes and colors and that’s how he knew what shape he wanted the frame and the overall aesthetic of XS to be. Needing to start somewhere and knowing what he wanted, he scribbled down the shape and took it to an engineer to have it officially drawn up and blueprinted. Michaels was adamant that he didn’t want this bike to look like all the others and wanted to give it his own little twist. The gas tank lines and shapes draw your eye down the tank to the seat. Bogart painted the bike in his backyard in a homemade paint booth to ensure that the lines and shapes of the bike were accentuated.

This bike is very unique in many ways, from the rear fender to the Cannondale bicycle shock under the seat. The exhaust that has side exits and a big LED light on the end. It even has a little key stash box from a vintage train which houses the electronics under the seat. Those are just a few of the little pieces that give the Yamaha it’s uniqueness. Bogart wasn’t after a highway cruising bike; he just wanted something to bomb around the California streets on;hence, the Saki Bomb was born. During the process of building the Bomb, Bogart discovered through all the desire and hard work that he created more than a hunk of metal on 2 wheels. It became part of him; it has meaning and soul. Michaels said that there is no amount of money that would make him give up this motorcycle. Bogart can feed you fresh fish, rock out with the best on stage, style your hair and can now add bike building to his resume. He now has a five-year-old toolbox full of tools just waiting for him to dream up his next project. We’re looking forward to it too!

Bogart’s Made In Japan

Bogart’s Made In Japan


Owner: Bogart Michaels

City/State: Encino, CA

Builder: Owner & Mark Dupp

Year: 1978

Model: XS650

Value: $10,000

Time: 2 Years


Year: 1978

Model: XS650

Builder: Yamaha

Ignition: Boyer

Displacement: 750cc

Pistons: Wiseco

Heads: Stock

Carb: Mikuni

Cam: Stock

Air Cleaner: Foam

Exhaust: 1 Of A Kind Custom



Year: 1978

Make: Yamaha XS650

Shifting: 4 Speed, Wishing For A 5


Year: 1978

Model: Yamaha XS650

Rake/Stretch: Custom, Requested 6”


Builder: Hard Body

Type: Springer

Triple Trees:

Extension: +2


Front Wheel:

Size: 22”

Tire: Dunlop

Front Brake: Disc

Rear Wheel:

Size: 17”

Tire: Dunlop

Rear Brake: Drum


Painter: Bogart Michaels

Color: Black & White



Bars: Custom

Risers: None

Hand Controls: Electric Start

Foot Controls:

Gas Tank(S): Cole Foster

Oil Tank: Internal

Front Fender: None

Rear Fender: 1 Of A Kind Acrylic

Seat: Cannondale Nitro Shock

Headlight: Junkyard Find

Taillight: Multiple LED’s

Speedo: None

Photographer: Marcus Cuff

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