S & S Rebuilds Stock Engines

You may have heard that Harley-Davidson® no longer offers the factory
remanufacturing program for 1984-later big twins, but not to worry! S&S
has been offering a similar service for years. We still do, and the S&S
program offers a lot of extras the factory didn’t.


S&S Rebuild Program Features:

You get the same engine back   keep your original VIN

Fast turn-around 10 working days from delivery to S&S

Engines are rebuilt with Premium Viola V-Twin® service parts

Rebuild to stock specs or install an S&S performance kit

Keep your existing performance upgrade parts if serviceable

30 day labor and 1 year parts warranty

S&S can save you money on shipping, take advantage of our

The S&S Rebuild Program is available through S&S Dealers and select
distributors. Engines are rebuilt at the S&S® Service & Speed Center®
in LaCrosse, WI. Contact your S&S Customer Service Representative or
click here for more information!

For more information, click here or contact your S&S Customer Service
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