Root Beer Barrel Triumph

Article And Photos By: Peter Linney

Originally Published In The April 2018 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Anthony is not a newcomer to building triumph motorcycles, this was his third and he has owned many more, so he knows what he is doing. This one was going to be special, visually special. This is a bike comes with a heritage from Budd Elmors win at the 1966 Daytona 200. It reached speeds of 100mph and averaged 96.6 mph! The triumph tiger that was the foundation of the bike was developed by Doug Hele at triumph, and it soon became a production model. The early models had a few technical problems, like a valve gear that used too much oil. But Anthony had the advantage of many years of improved engineering and has had no problems on the bikes he has made or is making. The focus was on the visual, and of course that big tank is what hits you first. It is a nos 69 period correct tank. Mat Egan gave Anthony paint help. He used gold leafing, and wood graphics then placed the 69 perfectly which made a visually stunning tank.

The handlebars are from a 40’s Knuckle. He wanted that board tracker look, so he shortened and inverted them, so they would be turned down. He used an internal throttle along with cork grips to set the pace defiantly different. He found the Harley 45 springer at the Long Beach swap meet from an old cat that was ever so firm on the price. Apart from a little milling, it fit perfectly and again, it adds so much to the aesthetics. Oh ya, and it works great at speed also. The engine is an original 500 motor and gives him about 41 hp. To help this a little, he ended up using a dual set of 626 Amal carbs with short velocity stacks. The heads are polished for looks with NJK spark plug caps. But what really helps the engine are the 2 custom exhaust pipes “I wanted to work with stainless on this build and the pipes would be no exception. It wasn’t like I could run down to the local parts store and pick up pipes, having reversed the head on this one. All I could get my hands on at the time was two u-shaped stainless pipes. To make sure I had enough for both sides I first taped each piece that I would cut. The exhaust gods were on my side that day…I cut them, tigged them up, had a buddy polish them, threw on some lowbrow tips, viola!! I really dig the way they came out with swooping downward  race style.”

The oil tank came from Lowbrow Customs. Anthony hid all the electronics in an old 42 Navy binocular case, the binocular works great also, even at 75 years old. Anthony is a big fan of Firestone tires and wanted that race look. The last and perhaps the most unusual element on this bike, is what resides over the Firestone’s “the whole inspiration for this build was this fender …. made of wood… Zebra wood to be precise. You see, I own a door company in which I work with wood and steel. So, I decided to make a fender out of wood with stainless straps to hold it in place. The fender took the longest to create, over a month, and three tries. The first two didn’t work out so well. I almost gave up. I finally got advice from an old cat that builds wood canes. Third time was a charm. I sent that fender off to mat Egan for some candy” In front, he used a messenger tractor seat with a one-off spring. Right up front, so he can see his way, you will find a 5 ¾ retro bates style head light. There is no doubt that Anthony has created a real head turner with this sweet little scoot. When I asked him how it rides, he told me “low and fast”!

Root Beer Barrel Tech Sheet

Owner: Anthony Robinson

City/State: Palmdale,CA

Builder: Anthony Robinson

Year: 1969

Model: Triumph T-100R




Year: 1993

Model: Triumph T-100R

Builder: Dean Collinson

Ignition: Mechanical Pazon

Displacement: 500cc

Pistons: .254 Aluminum Alloy


Carb: Dual Amal


Air Cleaner: Velocity Stacks

Exhaust: Custom Stainless

Primary: Unit


Year: 1969

Make: Triumph



Year: 1969

Model: Triumphh T-100R

Rake: 30 Degree

Mods: Hardtail


Type: 45 Servi Car Springer

Builder: Harley-Davidson

Triple trees:



Front Wheel: 40 Spoke Triumph

Size: 18”

Front Tire: Firestone

Front brake:Internal Expanding

Rear Wheel: H-D, Buchanan Spokes

Size: 18”

Rear Tire: Firestones

Rear brake: :Internal Expanding


Painter: Air Brush Works

Color: Tan, Black, White

Type: PPG

Graphics: Mat Egan

Powder coat: Pacific Powder Coat


Bars: H-D Knuckle Speedster


Hand Controls: Deluxe 1”

Foot Controls: Triumph / Custom

Fuel tank: OEM 69 Triumph Petrol

Oil tank: Lowbrow Customs

Front Fender:

Rear Fender: Zebra Wood Fender

Seat: Messenger Seat/Tractor Spring

Headlight: 5 3/4” Retor Bates Style

Taillight: Webster Chicago Mico

Speedo: :None

Photographer: Peter Linney

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