Renegade Racine Drop your rocks, grab your socks and pull out the credit card. Renegade has just unleashed a revolutionary line of wheels with a price tag we can all live with. Anything but inexpensive in appearance the R2 Series simply Rocks. Shown here, the RACINE is just plain nasty looking with it 9 fluted spokes, cross cut rim and mirror like chrome finish. Unlike similar designs these spokes are not overpowering while creating a distinctive impression.

Additionally, the slender spoke pattern provides a significant weight reduction and less rotating mass. And get this, pricing for the new line starts at just $899.00! That’s less than a Saturday night binge and a couple of lap dances. Rims are available in sizes for any taste and style including diameters 16” to 26” and widths from 2.15” up to a massive 14”! While the standard finish is chrome you can special order yours in Ebony Chrome, Black Powder-Coat or Renegade’s New Phantom Cut.  While the standard finish is chrome you can special order yours in Black Ebony, Black Powder Coat and a wide variety of custom colors. True you’ll have to lay out a little more lettuce but you’re already saving mucho dinero so it’s no biggie. For complete details call Renegade direct at 714-998-7241 and be sure to visit their awesome site at

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