Ready To Roll?


Article By: Daniel Donley – Pandemonium Custom Choppers –

Originally Published In The April 2014 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Are you ready for the upcoming riding season? I know I am, and you probably are too. It’s been a long, snowy winter! Now just because I say that I am ready doesn’t mean that my bike is. I’m betting that yours isn’t either. Last season I rode until I couldn’t ride anymore, and my bike got tucked away in the corner of the shop. It has been there ever since. In years gone by, I always found myself waiting until the last minute to get my bike ready for the riding season. Well not this year; I am going to be ready. So let’s head in the shop and get that bike checked over, and make sure it is ready to go. Hopefully it will make spring come sooner!


Check all fluid levels, engine oil, transmission fluid, primary fluid, and this would be a good time to change them if they are dirty.


Check your front and rear brake pads for wear. How much life do they have left in them? Do they need replaced? If so, now is the time to do it.


On to tire pressure…I don’t know how many times I have seen dangerously low tire pressures on bikes coming in to the shop for service.


Over time your tires can weather check or even worse, start to dry rot. So be sure to give them a good look over.


Check your chain or belt for proper adjustment. You should now lube the chain if your bike has one.


Don’t forget that spark plugs get worn too. Look for a nice flat electrode. Is it rounded? Is there stuff growing off of them? If so, replace them. They are cheap! Remember to put some antiseize on the spark plug threads.


Clutch adjustment should be at 1/16 to 1/8 inch free play at the cable to lever boss. If your clutch lever is not operating smoothly make sure you lube your cable.


Next, look at the throttle cable. Does it operate smooth? If not, lube again.


Another thing to check is wide open throttle. Twist the throttle till it stops and then with your other hand on the carb’s throttle, check to make sure you’re getting wide open throttle. If you’re not, adjust your cable accordingly.


Look at your brake fluid levels also. Don’t mix DOT 4 and DOT 5 together, you will have a mess! Don’t know which one you have? Well DOT 4 tastes bitter, and DOT 5 doesn’t.


Check all the lights for proper operation.


This bike has points’ ignition. They were looking a little rough, so new points and condenser were installed.


Twice a season I check every nut and bolt on the bike to make sure everything is tight.


snuff. I put a battery tending charger on to make sure it will be good to go! This is a basic checklist of things to go over on your bike before the riding season is here. It will also give you the peace of mind that you and your bike are ready to go on that first nice weather day! If you questions please feel free to call the shop and ask me or send me an e-mail — 419-576-6812

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