Rally TV Live from The Horse Smokeout!

Check it out Rally TV is live at the “Rock” .

Rally TV is broadcasting from Rockingham Raceway for the 13th Annual Smoke Out, put on by the Horse Back street Choppers.

We’re kicking things off with a day at the track, but there’s more to come. So stay tuned!


One thought on “Rally TV Live from The Horse Smokeout!

  1. You know what I admire about Chris Callen and Cycle Source? He’s NOT afraid to promote the lifestyle: the love of and for the motorcycle.

    So many magazines won’t print a word or show a single photo from an event sponsored by another magazine, yet Chris has and he continues to buck the old system. He stands up and is there to support them all.

    Kudos to Chris and to his crew at Rally T.V. It’s a tough job, representing the true BROTHERHOOD of the motorcycle…but Chris does it naturally.

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