Question of the day?? Would you pay more for USA Made??

So, this is something that I wonder.

Owning a business is hard and then you want to help support your own, but then you have to deal with the people who want everything for nothing.

Everyone says that they want to support their own country and buy USA made products but then you have the people who complain about prices.

To get something that is quality made , and made in the USA you are going to pay a bit more for it.

So my question is this>

Would you honestly pay more for a product that was Made in the USA??


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8 thoughts on “Question of the day?? Would you pay more for USA Made??


  2. YES……………..I go out of my way to buy USA! The only Jap shit or China shit I buy is batteries and crap that you can’t buy here! I always try to buy American…….sometimes you have got to read the fine print because they say shit like Disbributed in the USA or assembled in the USA and it doesn’t mean its made in the USA. If you do your homework you can get around their sneaky bullshit! It sucks that you have got to do this! My old lady goes in some stores and the shit is sprayed with formaldehyde and it makes her sick! It sucks that Greed & Outsourcing over the last 30 years has made the country this way!

  3. I would Pay More for a Better Product. Hopefully one made in the USA. I will save and or do without something else to do that. I also pay a lot of attention to the reputation of the company making the product and in many cases report on items I have acquired. Hopefully this will help others know the product and help in their decision to purchase it or not.
    We are in a bad economy and money is tight for everyone so those who want it now and cheap help promote the import of products. This is a band aid fix.
    The older people reading this will remember when Harley Davidson had the Government increase the Import Tax on Motorcycles and parts coming into this country. That is over now and as a matter of fact a lot of parts are imported by them.
    I am suggesting that Motorcyclist contact their legislators and insist that tariffs be placed on parts being brought into this country that are cheaper than what can be made here due to cheap and or slave labor in some other countries.
    We have people out of work because of outsourcing to these other countries. To stop this the playing field needs to be leveled. It is up to the people in this country to do so through the legislature and or not purchasing imported products.
    Okay I know that not buying imported products is hard because in many cases they are cheaper BUT you may be out of work or not making enough money to live on and in some cases support a family because of these cheaper products.
    The people in these other countries are doing better while those in ours continue to do worse.
    It is Past Time To Turn This Around. BUY AMERICAN!

  4. That’s why we need to keep the fight going for FAIR TRADE!!!!!! NAFTA has killed quality and jobs for the American people. The only one that benefits from NAFTA are the Corporations! [and our great Government] The middle pays the price without any representation!!! Get out and vote PEOPLE!!!! NAFTA needs to be in everybody’s interest, not just China’s and big Corporations. Don’t give up the fight, or it’s over for “us”. [We the people]

  5. Hey you can do whatever you want simply because this is THE GOOD OLD USA…and if any of us wants to pass on what we have left of this great country…we all better start to reinvesting in our own economy…like MADE IN THE USA…yes as a business owner I look to buy goods and products made in the USA…most of our industry is no longer here because of business owner’s and the general public look to not whats good for us…or our country as a whole…but only where they can make the best profit for themselves. Only when and if we start to get creative and find ways to make the “Made in the USA” stand as the bench mark everybody else is judged by again, will we start to be a major contender again in the world market place. America may not be perfect…but remember it’s not the location…it’s we the people…that make this the greatest nation in the world…BUY AMERICAN…and invest in all of our future…just sayin…..

  6. Yes, I’m willing to pay more for american made. If I believe it’s built to last. Tired of buying crap that I have to fix or replace every couple of years. Things aren’t built like they were in my grandparents days, tou could pass em down generation after generation.

  7. Yes I would and I do. I try to avoid certain stores because it is so hard to find something made in the USA or they just simply dont sell anything made here. Sometimes I dont have the time to look (because daily products are not as prominent) for something made here but I believe I make a very conscience effort every day. If it is a product I am not hard pressed to have right away like extra parts for my Harley or my Jeep I will shop for those parts for sure. We are the only ones to return industry back to our fantastic country…America. Be American…Buy as American as possible.

  8. No. The USA government has meddled ruined and taxed any and all manufacturers until hell won’t have it. Furthermore, the definition of “Made in USA” is a lie. I pay more for products not made here. Industry is no longer here.

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