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Article By: Chris Callen

Photos By: Jack Macintyre

Originally Published In The April 2012 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Feature 1aIstill remember the first time I saw a bike built by Indian Larry. It was a feature in the old Iron Horse magazine and man, it blew my head off my shoulders. This cat was a total freak, no doubt, and the bike, it was just too much. The level of craftsmanship he put into his builds just took Larry to another place, and launched an entire style for a generation. The New York City flashy bikes that were quick as hell and looked just as fast, filled the minds of every young chopper jockey everywhere. Now we’ve written about the Indian Larry motorcycle shop of today that is the Brooklyn creation o f my brother Bobby Seeger. Bobby and his wife Elisa have kept the shop and Larry’s style of bikes going to memorialize the man behind the designs. About 2 years ago, we featured their first build out of the new shop called, “The Machine,” but since then, they have really settled into the groove of what they’re doing there. The bike you see here marks number 13 of their custom creations and it has been built as a direct descendant of the original “ D a d d y – O ” bike, or as most people refer to it, “The Rat Fink.” This was the bike that Larry built when he went up again Paul Yaffe in the 2003 Build-Off. “Daddy-O” was just the top for me as far as Larry’s bikes went and for the crew at Indian Larry, this build would be the example of how well they could execute his style in their facility. What they came up with as a team was an absolute tribute to that bike. This was an important step for them as a shop, as you can imagine, since they have had so many questions about what they are doing and why. There was even a question of their ability to keep Larry’s vision in tact. When Bobby talks about the shop, he always says “we” or “the team.” In his eyes, there is no need to single out anyone on their staff. No rock stars in their ranks. Everyone pitches in to make their builds what they are and the cohesiveness of that group effort is paramount to achieving this level of results.

When you talk about this style that was created out of the New York scene, it’s easy to just call it a minimalist approach but in the case of Indian Larry Motorcycles, it’s about making the intricate look simple, just the way the man himself did it. Little details like the foot controls and axle adjusters or the signature items like the baby apes, steering stabilizer and twisted front leg Springer that have become synonymous with their bikes, are still as sexy today as the first one I ever saw. Quality parts are a big thing at ILM. To ensure that’s what they’re building with, they actually make as much of their stuff as they can at their 5,400 square foot facility. These also end up as the parts they offer for sale and it’s a good thing from their perspective to see people able to build bikes with parts that aren’t cheap, imported junk. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention how vehemently opposed to imported parts these cats are when it comes to their brand or the Genuine Motorworks store that Elisa owns and operates? If they had it their way, nothing, and I do mean nothing, would come into their place from overseas. Hell, if it were possible, they’d like it all to be made in Brooklyn. When it came to the paint on this little gem, there was no question that Robert Pradke would be laying down the design and color.

Feature 1b

Pradke is probably the best painter going in the motorcycle world today and the job he did here, recreating the feel of “Rat Fink” but in a completely different way, was just amazing. The way he wraps the flames up around the frame legs and tank make it look like the bike is just a ball of fire yet he didn’t use any of the traditional flame colors. The combination of gloss black and pewter leaf with white highlights pulls off a street thug in a tux effect, but in a good way. All dolled up and ready for anything, you know? Sitting right beside “Daddy-O” you would think that it’s just a different paint job that distinguishes the two machines but it is many subtle differences as well. In the end, their plan is to take some of Larry’s most popular bikes like “Grease Monkey” and “Wild Child” and build similarly inspired bikes in limited fashion. And speaking of fashion, this ain’t a show queen kiddies; this little bitch gets up and boogies. I remember Bobby calling me the first day he got to haul ass around Brooklyn on it and he was like a little kid with a new toy. So happy with it as a matter of fact, that he says he’d like to keep it for himself. You see, that’s the problem with building really bad ass shit, you end up with a pile of it. Okay, so maybe that’s not a problem. Explaining why you need to build another one to the little Mrs. could be tough. The plan for ILM from here is just to build the best, keep on track with the original vision and never give up on quality, or as Seeger has put it to me many times: “World Domination.” The truth is, they take it nice and easy. One-off bikes are fun and it keeps their customers close like friends. Bobby joked and said that this is why their bikes really have a lifetime warranty… well, almost. In closing, I would just like to tell you that for Bobby and Elisa Seeger, it has been a damn tough year. While many of us have been distracted by the economy and our nation’s new normal as far as the money goes, they have been under the extreme pressures of dealing with their young son Aidan who has ALD. It’s a very serious illness and while there has been an outpouring of affection and support for them during this hard time, they continue the fight to this day. You can visit Aidan’s Website at www.AidanHasAPosse. org where you can sign up to get a test kit to see if you can become a bone marrow donor or for more information on what you can do to support the Seeger family. From the bottom of our hearts at Cycle Source magazine, we have you both and your little boy in our prayers every day.

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Question Everything Tech Sheet

Owner: Aidan Seeger

City: Brooklyn, NY

Fabrication By: ILM Team

Year: 2012

Model: 50/50

Time: 2 Months

Value: $65,000


Year: 2011

Model: Shovelhead

Builder: ILM


Displacement: 90 Something


Heads: S&S

Cam(s): Crane

Carb: S&S

Air Cleaner: ILM “Stack”

Exhaust: ILM “The Streets”

Primary: Tech Cycles


Year: 2012

Make: Baker 6 in 4

Shifting: N1 Like A Man


Year: 2012

Make: ILM

Rake: 2 Over

Stretch: 2”


Type: Springer

Builder: ILM / Paughco

Triple Trees: ILM


Front Wheel:

Size: 21”

Tire: Avon

Brakes: Kiwi 10” Rotor

Rear Wheel:

Size: 21”

Tire: Avon

Brakes: Kiwi 10” Rotor


Painter: Robert Pradke

Color: Black Flames / Platinum Leafing


Graphics: Classic Ed Roth

Molding: Custom Auto Design

Chroming: V-Twin


Bars: ILM Baby Apes

Risers: ILM Brass

Hand Controls: Twisted Jockey

Gas Tank(s): ILM

Front Fender: None

Rear Fender: ILM / Bare Knuckle Choppers

Seat: Christian – Xian Leather

Foot Controls: ILM


Oil Tank: ILM 2012

Headlight: Bates

Taillight: ILM

Speedo: In Your Eyes

Photos.By: Jack Mcintyre

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