Pure Power!

Pure Power! Incorporated H-D V-Twin Oil Filter Product

Pure Power! Lifetime Oil Filter

For Harley-Davidson, Buell, and S&S Motors

Cleanable and reusable, Pure Power oil filters are a direct, spin-on replacement for stock filters. Enjoy lower operating temperatures, improved fuel mileage, and more horsepower! Featuring 100% absolute filtration through deep pleated, two-ply, stainless steel filter media, we’ve drastically increased debris removal from your oil (testing at SwRI showed a 90% Improvement in particle removal over paper "throw away" filters). They’re easy to clean (hot soapy water), easy to install (no special tools needed) and great for the environment (because it is reusable there’s no waste or contamination in landfill, lakes, rivers, oceans).
Don’t be fooled by imitations- this is the only American manufactured cleanable oil filter constructed with American certified 6061 T6 billet aluminum, high-temperature aerospace-grade ceramic investment material, Mil-Spec Viton® O-rings on all sealing surfaces, and two neodymium magnets.


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Pure Power Harley Cutaway

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