Project X-Wedge

Article By: Wink Eller

Photos By: Lisa Ballard

Originally Published In The September 2012 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


I feel compelled to set this up a little bit. It was years ago when S&S first released the X-Wedge engine that I was immediately impressed with it, but it was just two short years ago that I got the chance to ride Scott Sjovall’s, head of R&D at S&S, that I started to understand how fast one could be. Scott’s bike, for anyone that missed that issue, is disgustingly fast on another level of what I have ever known in the V-Twin industry. So near the beginning of this year when I heard that not only was S&S interested in setting one of these up for a run at Bonneville, but the project would be headed up by one of the father’s of modern motorcycle landspeed racing, Mr. Wink Eller, I was giddy like a kid. I would soon find out that they would like Cycle Source to carry the build story and follow through to the run on the salt, and then do a feature shoot on it. Man, this is too good to be true! Now I’ve been a fan on the sidelines for about six years at Bonneville, and I’ve watched Wink oversee many successful projects in that time. This time I would have the pleasure of being up close for every part, from the build to the testing and the results. That said, I humbly turn this over to Wink.


It was the 2011 BUB Speed Trial event. This year had been a tough year. The entry bike, “Hillbilly Style,” had left its mark on my life like others I have rode in the past: a trip to the hospital, my bell rung one more time and a broken shoulder, collar bone and a screwed up leg. Being the first meet of the year at the El Mirage Dry Lake, and the first time out on a 15 MPH crash sure did hurt. By Bonneville I was back in the saddle and business as usual setting a new record of 168.912. After a couple days on the salt, I had a long talk with George Smith Jr. from S&S Cycle in the pits, something that hasn’t happened in 20 years. We came up with the idea to run an X-Wedge 132 motor with a turbo, to help out with the breathing, for a new Bonneville entry. It would be an FXR based bike built around the powertrain. It would have the 132 X-Wedge motor with a Baker drivetrain, Barnett belt drive and clutch power transferred to the Performance Machine wheels wrapped with Dunlop tires for landspeed racing.


The engine went together like a breeze with the help of Jeff Bailey, Gene, Scott and all the staff at S&S Cycle. The bike will be entered as a 3000cc Partial Streamlined, Pushrod, Blown Gas motorcycle. This will all be done with the help of S&S Cycle, Barnett Clutches & Cables, Performance Machine, Daytona Twin Tec, Pingel, Hagon Shocks, AN Profittings, Neidwick Machine, Wheel Works, Bikers’ Choice and of course Wink’s Custom Cycles. The chassis was a nobrainer, the guys at Rolling Thunder in Canada handled it with ease. Having researched and followed the X-Wedge that Scott Sjovall built, and talking with Sketter Todd, we made the choice, got the chassis coming and soon it was a roller. With the help of Troy Glenn at Accutronics, making the trees, swingarm block and foot peg mounts, we were on our way. Coming up with a turbo combo was simple; go with what works. The name of the game is keep it simple but make it work. The guys at AN Profittings helped out with the turbo and all the plumbing on the bike.


As usual, Alan at Daytona Twin Tec took care of the sensors and spark controls along with an S&S ECM. With the goal of the bike to be able to cut the wind like it needs to, anyone can go and buy a body this day and age. However, we chose to build the complete body, tank and front fender out of aluminum, all custom hand formed at my shop. The chore begins, and it is learned as we go with the help of my good friend and race partner, T-Rod Requejo. We will not settle for no less than perfect; building the body this way will fit like a glove. Keeping the bike simple but practical for the salt is a big undertaking. When the salt gremlins hit, they hit hard, as we know from the past years of the chase to the 200 MPH club. To date we have 67 records to our name and it has been a long hard road; nothing is for free at the Great White Dyno. Tune in for the next few issues as we follow Wink through this amazing project and bring you a play-by-play on his work and eventually the results from The BUB Motorcycle Land Speed Trails.


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