Performance For Ducati Bikes Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune!, manufacturers of EFI fuel management systems, introduces 2 new applications for many Ducati models. (Please call or check our website for models available) Ducati Riders can now richen their closed loop air fuel mixtures with a simple plug-n-play upgrade. We are offering sets of a new version of our XiED(tm) for late model Ducati’s using narrow band O2 sensors.

Using‘s Patented Technology (US Pat. No. 7,805,236), our current online pricing for the Ducati VIED is $69.95 (one per O2 sensor). Pricing for the more sophisticated Ducati AF-XiED will be $209.95 for single O2 sensor bikes and $379.95 for dual sensor bikes. We offer industry standard Margins for Dealers.

The Nightrider variable ratio XiED(tm) for the Ducati allows a greater granularity of adjustment of the fuel mixture than similar devices on the market. Based on extensive research and testing of 4-wire heated oxygen sensors, we have gained a great deal of understanding on the best ways to manipulate O2 sensor signals to the ECM. If you haven’t been aboard a Panigale S from Ducati, it’s one of the most uncomfortable and hottest bikes ever manufactured. Nightrider’s EFI fuel management system will make the bike perform better…AND cooler!


The richer fuel mixture results in benefits that can include:


* Cooler exhaust temperatures

* Reduced engine temperatures

* Improved throttle response

* Less engine ping

* Reduced low RPM engine surge

Recommended for riders with bone stock bikes, or those with upgraded exhaust, converter removal and/or air cleaner changes.

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