Perewitz Paint Show

Article By: Darren McKeag

Photos By: Jody Perewitz

Originally Published In The June 2015 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


Hearing the words “Daytona Bike Week” can bring on many thoughts. Warm weather, palm trees along the ocean and of course several bike shows. Most of you that have been to Bike Week are familiar with all of the great bike shows that happen during the week. This year, bike week hosted a new show that is sure to be a success, alongside other shows such as Willie’s Chopper Show and the Cycle Source Shows.

Dave Perewitz along with his daughter Jody, launched the first “Perewitz Paint Show” held at the J&P Pavilion. Being the first of many to come, the show was a huge success and not only attracted several people, but the number of bikes to register for judging was overwhelming.

Being a part of this show and helping judge it, was personally a highlight in my career. Regardless of anything you have to say about bike styles, shapes and sizes, Dave Perewitz is one of the greatest motorbike painters of all time. He is literally responsible for paving the way for what we see painted on bikes today.

The amount of bikes entered in the show and the amazing amount of talent that went into each and every paint job, made me want to throw away my brushes. The task of judging these bikes was literally monumental. It was an honor to be critiquing the art alongside very talented and genuinely good artists such as Chad Chambers, Bones, Tony Laramie and Mark Brodie. The opportunity was wonderful and I was able to leave the show with new knowledge and greater appreciation of the art of motorbike painting.


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