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Article And Photos By: Mark Velazquez

Originally Published In The October-November 2020 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

When you mention the name Austin Martin Originals in the motorcycle world, you immediately think of handcrafted Triumphs, Norton’s, Yamaha’s, BSA’s, and the likes. But, did you know the first custom bike built by Austin Andrella was actually a rolling chassis that evolved into an EVO? Based out of Akron, Ohio, Austin enjoys the small-town  life in which he grew up. With three daughters and his lovely wife Autumn, he enjoys seeing his kids go to the same school that he did growing up. Despite living in the sticks, Austin’s builds over the years will rival any big city builder, and his list of awards and industry recognition provides the proof. I was lucky enough to run into Austin at this year’s Dayton Bike Week. It was there that I first laid eyes on the bike you see before you and was amazed at the pure perfection of this build. Shooting the bike was a joy, but I always love the story behind the bike. Acquired from his Uncle’s estate, this build is really a twopart journey. Back in 2003 is when this bike began to take life starting as a rolling chassis.

Being new to the world of bike building, it was in his Mom’s basement where he began to assemble what would be  his first-ever custom. Most of the parts used were over the counter. Over several years, parts were bought and five years later, she was complete and titled in 2009. The end result, a badass Jessie James styled ride. This would be the bike he would ride to Sturgis, Scoot with his kids, and really just ride the rubber off. It was his daily rider, which he truly loved. But then came “that” day. Over the years, Austin was defining himself as a true craftsman. His skills were evolving, his style was changing because now he could fabricate what he conjured in his head. So after five great years, the bike was stripped down where it would sit for another six before she was reborn.

During those years, Austin continued to develop his own style. When he finally decided to begin the rebuild, he knew the final results would be a representation of his journey to becoming a master craftsman and fabricator. This would be the legacy bike that showed who Austin Andrella was. With the bike once again stripped down to the frame and the only original parts from the first build left were the EVO engine, frame, and back wheel. With a Girder Spitfire front end, that he had acquired from Bill Dodge a few years back, the vision began to take shape. With such a killer front end, you need a killer front wheel. Jeremy Cupp over at LC Fab provided an Elsinore loop (Honda) with LC Fab Hub and Buchannan SS Spokes to do the job. The braking system was set up as follows; in the rear, you have an AMO dual caliper bracket with GSX-R Tokico calipers, and Lyndall Racing crown cut fully floating rotors with Lyndall pads. With that stopping power, who needs a front brake?

The engine pretty much remained stock, but with an S&S ignition, HD heads, with an S&S Super E Carb. The primary, however, is a highly modified BDL 2” belt with Barnett internals. As for the tranny, a Baker 5 speed with kicker shifts    through the gears! Austin did keep the electric start it’s know to know that with two primes and a kick, you’re on your way every time. The suicide shifter is a favorite of Austin’s, it leaves clean lines, fewer cables, and he enjoys the hydraulics! An N1 shift barrel was used, so neutral sits at the bottom, shifting made easy. With all this said and done, you would think most would be happy, but this is where you see the full spectrum of a craftsman. Visually this bike is flawless and all handcrafted by Austin! Look at the Rubik twist blacksmith work done on the fender struts, motor mounts, and jockey shift, art all in itself! MX bars, a fuel tank built from scratch with16-gauge steel with an oil tank ribbed and narrowed to match. The seat pan was formed by Austin and covered by Bare Bones Leather, handmade mid controls and foot clutch, and a killer stainless high pipes exhaust! The one-off grips are by Paper Street Customs grips and the beautiful paint was laid down by Flamethrower Customs! There are so many treasures on the  bike, and they all flow! Sometimes, it is difficult to put into words what this kind of builder puts into a project, but being surrounded by good friends, a great support system at home, and a burning desire to create makes the process just a bit easier. Austin continues to set the pace alongside his peers. There are leaders, and there are followers, I say, beware of the quiet man with a smile.


Owner: Austin Martin Andrella

City/State: Akron,Ohio

Builder: Austin Martin Originals

Model: AMO Rigid

Value: $30k

Build Time: 3 Months


Year: 1999

Model: H-D Evolution

Builder: H-D

Ignition: S&S Hi-4N

Displacement: 80”


Heads: H-D

Carb: S&S Super E

Cam: H-D

Air Cleaner: LC Fab Mini Hamcan

Exhaust: AMO Stepped Stainless

Primary: Modified BDL 2” Belt W/

Barnett Clutch Inner


Year: 1999 Case/ 2019 Inners

Make: H-D With Baker Gear Set

Shift: 5 Speed W/ Baker Kicker


Year: 2003

Make: Kraft Tech

Rake: 35 Degrees

Stretch: 4” Up


Type: Girder

Builder: Spitfire

Extension: 4” Over

Wheels, Tires, Brakes

Front Wheel: Elsinore Loop W/ LC

Fab Hub, Buchannan SS Spokes

Size: 23”

Front Tire: Bridgestone Trial Wing

Rear Wheel: CHR 60 Spoke

Size: 18”

Rear Tire: Avon Venom 180mm

Rear Brake: A.M.O. Dual Caliper Bracket W/

GSX-R Tokico Calipers Lyndall Racing Crown

Cut Fully Floating Rotor With Lyndall Pads


Painter: Flamethrower Customs

Color: Brandywine/Galaxy Gray

Type: House Of Kolors

Graphics: Atomic Bob Striping


Bars: AMO MX Barz

Risers: Top Shelf Customs

Hand Controls: Nissin Rear Brake M/C

Fuel Tank: AMO

Rear Fender: Lowbrow 7” Stringray

Seat: Bare Bones Leather/AMO Seat Pan

Foot Controls:AMO Mid Controls /Foot Clutch

Setup W/ Brembo M/C

Mirror: Panic Cycles Brass Ribbed


Oil Tank: AMO Ribbed/Narrowed

Headlight: Auxbeam

Taillight: Prism Moto

Photographer: Mark Velazquez

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