Pat Jansen Of Sin Central Garage’s In Motion Builder Profile

Pat Jansen of Sin Central Garage wasn’t raised in a mechanical family. He had no extended family and his father was an itinerant pastor so Pat never had the opportunity to develop apprenticeships or cultivate a mentor relationship. Everything Pat learned about motorcycles and hotrods he pieced together by trial and error. For the first many years he built cars and bikes for functional use which funded an education focused on not being a dirty mechanic. With a Master’s Degree in hand Pat eventually stopped building and went to selling for the custom production industry. When the industry crashed he needed dough and customizing Harleys and cars caught his attention again. That led to motorcycle industry spokes work which brought him back to where he is now, building bikes and cars, talking words and being a greasy mechanic! The opportunity to build a chopper for Royal Enfield NA this year gave me a platform to “re-introduce” Pat as a builder. Pat says he’s not a big-time builder but just a guy that loves bikes and tries hard to put people on affordable customized motorcycles. Sin Central Garage is a 501c3 so what we make we give to mission. It’s never been about the money. With the tag line “Resurrecting Hot Rods, Harley and Hellions” Sin Central Garage focuses on taking what is there and giving it a new life. Pat jokingly say “Children love me, women want me and men envy me. But that’s only because other people make me look good.” @sincentralgarage?Pat

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