Outlaw Custom Seats

Article By: Kerri Schindler

Oringinally published in the February 2012 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


We are all just outlaws at heart or farm boys that love motorcycles. Don’t ever think that you cannot achieve your dreams because one day things may fall into place without you even knowing or trying to make that dream come true. Always keep your mind and heart open. Tim Quick is the owner of Outlaw Custom Seats which was founded in 2001. Tim was born and raised on a farm, and as a kid, motorcycles were always a part of it. He grew up riding motocross; his dad and grandfather had all kinds of other motorcycles. When Tim started out he was just messin’ around the garage, making odds and ends, stuff for his bike or his dad’s. Then people started to see what he was doing and the word spread like wildfire. At one event, Tim came across Curt Green and they started talking. A few beers later, Tim began asking Curt if he wanted to learn leatherworking. At the time, Curt was taking any medium he could while he was trying to find his niche, and it wasn’t until this day when he met Tim that he knew what that was.


Taking in everything that Tim had to teach him, he fell in love with leatherworking and soon found that it was his passion. After every seat he does, Curt says, “That is the best seat I have ever done,” until the next one comes along. The work that Tim and Curt create is not just for motorcycles, it is for every genre. Though the heart of it will always lead back to the motorcycle world. They are just two very humble farm boys doing what they have a passion for and it just so happens to be something that people want. They both work 9-5 regular jobs and the leatherwork is all done out of a small garage just outside of Tim’s house. People who see it cannot fathom that the work they do comes from that small shop. It goes to show that some of the best things come from some of the tiniest places.


Outlaw Custom Seats has been making and tooling leather motorcycle seats for some top companies in the industry and has been in multiple magazines over the past 10 years. They have sold seats all over the world in places like Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. Outlaw Custom Seats also produces top quality saddlebags, tool rolls, purses, and pouches using high quality materials, creating and giving customers what they want. These are two guys with full time jobs and families who don’t do this just for money. It’s about having a passion to create and build something with their hands while keeping with the history of leatherwork.

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