Not Just Oil And Water

Article By: Amelia Rose

Photos By: Lee Bullock

Originally Published In The May 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


Spending his mornings practicing his technique before tending to his dogs and dairy goats on his ranch out in the country, Lee Bullock is not your everyday moto artist. Having been around art all his life, it seemed fitting that one day it would turn into a full time profession and it all started with some daydreaming. Prior to being a full-time professional artist, Lee spent the past 14 years tattooing in a studio. And over the course of those years, he picked up watercolor painting as a way of passing the time while at work and making a little extra cash on the side doing small commissions for his clients. It wasn’t until roughly 2 years ago that he retired from tattooing and became self-employed to pursue a full time career in painting. Almost every tattooing artist he knows uses watercolor in some form, so transitioning over was quite easy, he S just altered the style a bit to match his needs.



His passion for motorcycles has been growing for several years now. Building choppers was a pivotal point in fueling his passion and he has since migrated into more of the vintage stock bikes and pre 50’s bikes. Being a motorcycle junkie at heart and always thinking about the next project, he decided that it was time to combine his passions to make something truly incredible, it was a no-brainer When you look at his art, and I mean really look at it, not just some quick passing glance, you can really see the passion and care he puts into each piece. He doesn’t use templates; you’ll never see pencil or pen marks on his paper as a guideline. Everything that goes from brain to paper is completely freehand and that speaks volumes to his value and commitment as an artist. As far as he’s concerned, he’s content with his art and the direction he’s headed with it, sort of like a “ride until you get bucked off” kind of thing. And of course he is always looking for ways to expand and improve his knowledge and skill set.



Just like Makoto Endo painting the sounds of the motor, Lee likes to paint the excitement of the owner in his pieces, “I’m a huge fan of all motorcycles and mostly, seeing people stoked on theirs. Whether it’s a knucklehead or a modern Twin Cam, I’m fortunate to be able to see [their emotions] in commissions I paint.” -Lee Bullock As someone who is always finding new and exciting ways to keep his clients interested in his work, by the time this issue is read by you, our valued subscriber, Lee will have released his first self-published book, Oil And Water: The Work Of Lee Bullock. So make sure you go online and pick one up or head over to his website to order a commissioned piece and support the arts!

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