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Norton Is ready to Roll in the USA

Norton has received the final approvals and compliance certificates from all federal and State agencies, as well as NHTSA. With final approved specifications in hand, this now allows Norton to now conclude USA model engineering and gather the bits from our suppliers to begin production. U.S. 2013 model Norton’s will enter these shores during the second quarter of 2013.

We proudly remind Norton owners of the Norton hand build process, a bike truly ‘Built in Britain by British hands’. In the Donington Park factory two technicians build one bike at a time, start to finish unlike your typical production line factory where bikes are often built around the globe thousands of miles from the home office headquarters. Every Norton is built under the eyes of, and with the hands of the same people who design, engineer and test your Norton. Although this time consuming and expensive process ensures the ultimate in care and quality, it also means that increasing production takes more than just adding another production line.

As we grow we assure you that as the number of bikes produced increases, the quality of each Norton remains the top priority. Bikes will begin to arrive in North America slowly at first, then ramp up as our build process progresses. Further to increasing production while continually improving quality, more and more component fabrication is being brought in-house. Norton has just recently completed our frame building department, and now all Norton frames are fully produced at our Donington facility.

Our quest to return the proud name of Norton to motorcyclists around the world, and to build motorcycles worthy of the Norton has been a daunting task, requiring unwavering commitment to the mission, sincere respect for the Norton legacy and working seven days a week since the beginning of the idea in 2009. Our enthusiasm lead us to believe that through hard work, unstoppable  determination and a little luck that bikes would be here in Norton America sooner than now. The reality is that the process took far longer than we believed it would. We thank you for your patience, if you have any left, and we promise a Norton motorcycle that proudly carries on the Norton legacy of excellence.


In other news from Norton

14 March 2013 – Norton Motorcycles announced today that it has completed the purchase of historic Donington Hall, which will serve as its new corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities.

Situated on 26 acres of classic English countryside and located within the Donington Park Grand Prix Circuit race complex, the new head office and production facilities are situated less than a mile from Norton’s current manufacturing plant. The company will first transition its corporate and engineering staff to the new location, and then subsequently prepare for transfer of its manufacturing to the site.

As Norton readies itself to increase production and enter new markets worldwide, staying true to its mainstay of quality without compromise and ‘Built in Britain by British hands’ remains a top priority. As such, the company has been bringing more and more manufacturing in-house, and the new location now permits the company to continue to mature and grow within its existing locale.

Dan Van Epps of Norton Motorcycles USA added "Where else in the world can one tour an 18th century Gothic Revival mansion, view a Norton Motorcycle being built, watch a World Superbike race and attend an Iron Maiden concert all in the same place? Donington Hall and its setting inspire and ground us firmly to all that is great about Britain and British motor sports both past and present. It reminds us daily of the importance of our mission — to design and engineer motorcycles that are worthy of this iconic brand and its history of excellence



norton commando

Newly introduced for North America, the Norton Commando 961 SF (Sport Factory)

The new SF combines some of the best features of the Sport and Cafe Racer models. Starting with Ohlins USD forks, up bars and radial front brake calipers, the SF adds carbon fibre fenders, fly screen and chainguard. The most striking visual appeal is the blacked out wheels and exhaust system giving the SF a sinister all business look.


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