New Time Saver Wrench from Jims®

JIMS® Steering Head Lock Nut Wrench No. 977 designed for H-D Touring models.

This new wrench is a great flat rate time saver, allowing you to easily tighten and torque the stem nut without removing the radio unit, which you are normally required to remove for access to this nut. JIMS Steering Head Lock Nut Wrench features a 1/2-inch square drive that allows you to use a torque wrench for tightening the nut to proper spec. Designed and submitted by Hiro Koiso, a hands-on, flat rate technician and JIMS sponsored Bonneville record holder in numerous classes, this wrench is for use on all FLH models 1994 to present and sells for $48.50 MSRP.

 JIMS® Touring Model Steering Head Lock Nut Wrench No. 977 is manufactured in the U.S.A. and like hundreds of other JIMS tools is backed by our lifetime warranty.

For more information please visit us at, find us on Facebook, or call 805-482-6913.

977 w_Radio View

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