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Avon Lake, Ohio- Polaris® has redefined the powersports market segment with the recent introduction of its exciting three-wheeled Slingshot™. With its compact design and 4 cylinder engine, the muffler, catalytic converter, and exhaust manifold all reside in close proximity to one another on the right side of the vehicle. This concentration of heat transfers into the passenger area, cooking the floor and cockpit area.
To address this heat issue, Slingshot™ owners have turned to DEI Powersports to develop a custom cut, 11 piece kit that includes a double walled main heat shield, a single walled floor pan heat shield, and an additional 9 pieces covering the transmission tunnel, rocker panels and center console. The end result is a cooler and quieter Slingshot, allowing for longer rides and greater rider comfort.
DEI Powersports Brand Manager Brian VanKoevering offered, “This is the first summer season for this vehicle, so when the mercury rose our phone started to ring off the hook with exasperated Slingshot owners looking for relief. After some R&D work, we developed a range of materials that fit this application well.”
Product: Polaris Slingshot Heat Control Kit Complete
Part Number: 902471
Fitment: Polaris Slingshot 15-16 SL LE
MSRP: $199.95


Avon Lake, Ohio- Turbo systems are the easiest and most cost effective way to bolt on horsepower in a big way. More and more aftermarket companies are now offering turbo kits for various Powersports applications. Turbo Shields are used to cover the housing, which helps maintain a more consistent temperature in the turbo, increasing efficiency and decreasing turbo lag. This helps get the most performance from your investment. In addition, with many turbo installations, the turbo is located in an exposed position near the rider’s leg. The turbo shield acts a barrier, protecting the rider’s leg from discomfort.
Building on the popularity of the award winning ONYX Series™ HYPERLINK “×8-black” Flexible Heat Shields, DEI now offers Turbo Shields for the popular smaller Garrett® GT 22 and GT25 turbo sizes.
In addition to Garrett® brand turbo housings, the ONYX Series™ Turbo Shields will fit several other popular turbo brands including Mitsubishi® and others. Refer to the turbo sizing chart on for instructions on locating the correct size shield.
As an added value, DEI Powersports Turbo Shield Kits also include a 2”x25’ roll of premium DEI exhaust wrap, ties, and locking wire, which covers most powersports applications.

Product: ONYX Series™ Turbo Shield Kit
Part Number: 902500 GT22 Turbo Shield, 902501 GT25 Turbo Shield
Fitment: GT22, GT25 and similar sized turbo housings
MSRP: $199.95, $209.95
Availability: 8/25/2015

902471 Slingshot Heat Shield KIT-2

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