New JIMS® Twin Cam® 131" Balanced Race Engine for Late Softail Models

PhotoID31927 We would like to welcome JIMS to the blog!

The new JIMS 131-cubic-inch race engine, previously available for early models, is the only big-inch powerplant that fits stock late-model Softails. The 131 features the same stroke as the JIMS® 120 at 4-1/2 inches, but carries a larger bore diameter of 4-5/16 inches.

JIMS 131-B-Engine The JIMS® R&D Team has added many new features to further enhance the performance of this engine:

Increased air intake with CNC ported heads to flow air effortlessly

Upgraded oil pump to the high-flow design found in all current H-D TC engines

New JIMS® Billet Cam Support Plate utilizing the new Harley-Davidson® Hydraulic cam chain tensioners

The latest in high-performance tappets, JIMS “Pressurized Oiling” Powerglide II

Power delivery is as smooth off the bottom end as stock, with a wide powerband of roll-on punch. Combined, these enhancements take the 131 to a new level of performance and reliability unmatched in race engines. All of the legendary JIMS® Twin Cam® Race Engine family are available through authorized Harley-Davidson® dealerships.

For more information contact your local H-D® dealer or visit <> or call JIMS® at 1-877-482-6913 .

5 thoughts on “New JIMS® Twin Cam® 131" Balanced Race Engine for Late Softail Models

  1. Bought motor and it locked up on me after 800 miles. Got it redone by a racing shop there said that alot of clearenses were of an the motor. you figure that they are olny paying tecs like $10 an hour. Buy the harley 120R motor much more reliable and cheaper.

  2. Stay as far away from a Jims Motor as you can. Mine blew with less then 1,300 miles.. result from bad run out. Jims took motor under warranty saying all fixed, even after i put out $500 bucks for wielded plugged crank… I get the motor back and checked runout right out of their shipping box,, 6/1000ths out of true.. Finally Cost me $2,500 to get the motor done right and about a summer without my ride… Jims Sucks!!!!!

  3. Don’t even contemplate buying a Jims 131 motor. My experience was a nightmare. Cost me $13000. for a 30000 km ride. Engine blew as lifters went – even after they had been replaced once under warranty. Quality is exceptionally poor. Save your money. Customer satisfaction dept – non existant in this company – take your money and FU.

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