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LED Headlight With Intergrated Turn Signals

Article By: Pauly White

Originally Published In The March 2018 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

For those of us that ride year-round, the winter months lend to more riding at night, Sometimes, even while it’s still rush hour. This can make you realize how poorly the road is lit by your stock headlight pretty quickly. The BikeMaster LED is a nice upgrade at a reasonable price. On top of lighting the way, it has integrated turn signals. These are designed for additional visibility, but if you have a stripped-down bike, and are required to run signals, such as riding on military base, this is a nice alternative to clamp on signals. BikeMaster makes this light in 5 ¾” and 7”. I road tested this light on my RoadKing, so I used the 7”.

The look of the light is fairly clean and not as bulbous as a lot of LED headlights. Installation is simple, with the hardest part being locating the factory turn signal wires so you can splice into them. The results were obvious for day time riding visibility, especially when it came to turn signals. Riding at night showed a big improvement over the old sealed beam bulb. A nice even amount of light that spread a little wider, projected a little further, and was much brighter on both dim and bright light settings. Riding the Texas back roads for a while at night showcased the effectiveness of the headlight really well, since there are not any streetlights in most areas. After using the light for a good bit of miles, in most types of weather, I would give the light my approval. It did everything I expected and did it well. I would suggest one to anyone looking for a lighting upgrade.

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