New Exhibition At The National Motorcycle Museum


New Exhibition at the National Motorcycle Museum – Anamosa, Iowa; Opening June 3, 2017

You can be part of it, the new AMERICAN BARN FIND exhibition that’s in planning stages, set to open Spring 2017 at National Motorcycle Museum, Anamosa, Iowa.

It’s probably a favorite past-time of yours; while riding America’s country roads, you’ve peered into the hundreds of open barns and sheds while driving by. You might be saying to yourself, “I wonder what cool old motorcycle, or even car or truck is laying in that barn, neglected but still in pretty good shape?” And as we know, there’s enough interest that TV shows are built around following tips, contacting the owner, then getting a chance to look for barn finds.


With your help the National Motorcycle Museum will recreate the corner of a barn right in the Museum and show a random collection of stuff that just kind of “happened” there, items no longer needed, tossed out, then forgotten. But with each pre-World War II motorcycle that has been scrapped, the one “saved” in the barn is a step closer to being rare and over time, perhaps more sought after and therefore more valuable. Might be a Whizzer, an old high-wheel bicycle, leather saddlebags, a pudding bowl helmet, the toolbox crammed with antique wrench

s, a gas pump,  even an old Harley or Indian, an engine, or just some interesting motorcycle parts. What have you got to loan or donate to the AMERICAN BARN FIND exhibit?


The Museum staff will construct the corner of a barn in the Museum with old barn boards, beams; this will become a permanent display in the Museum. Then they will fill it with great old stuff, and this new exhibit will open during the National Motorcycle Museum’s June 3, 2017 Vintage Rally event in Anamosa, Iowa. You can check out the “barn” any time and as more and more people donate or loan items, it will likely get jammed with good and dusty, even rusty stuff.
If you have items to loan for a year or longer or donate to the project please get in touch; or call 614 551 0960 if you have any questions about the show. Or check the National Motorcycle Museum website,

National Motorcycle Museum Information: The National Motorcycle Museum is open seven days a week, year around. Museum members are admitted free. Becoming a member is quick and easy on the Museum website.  Museum admission is only $10.00 except during special events. Children 12 and under are admitted free when accompanied by an adult.

The National Motorcycle Museum is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation.
For more information, email the Museum at or
call 319 462 3925.


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