National No Taxes Movement!!!!

I have an idea for where our government is going and how we can bring it back to a government by the people for the people. This year we ban together and agree to not to pay taxes… any of us. They can’t piss away what we don’t give them. WE DEMAND no more taxation without representation (sound familiar?) and refuse to pay taxes again until they give us a say in our government again. This will top even the hippies best sit in and bring the country to a stand still. The only way I can see we get a voice again without civil war.

6 thoughts on “National No Taxes Movement!!!!

  1. Very good, legally put. I’m sure you are a lawyer or should be, so what would you be willing to risk for your freedom then, if it doesn’t fall into the letter of the law?

    That’s what this post was really about…… Don’t take this the wrong way, I enjoy the banter but we need to look beyond what our laws say sometimes to protect our given right to a better way of life!

    Isn’t that why we have a Supreme Court who can over turn a law that they deem unconstitutional? I’m not saying paying taxes is an unconstitutional law, it becomes one when we are without representation.

  2. The government owns the courts.

    The Fifth Amendment provides that in a criminal case a person may not be compelled to be a witness against himself. U.S. CONST. amend. V. This generally means that a person cannot be forced to answer a question if the answer will be used against that person in a criminal prosecution. Courts have routinely held, however, that the Fifth Amendment provides no basis for failing or refusing to file a tax return. United States v. Stillhammer, 706 F.2d 1072, 1076-77 (10th Cir.1983) (“[T]he Fifth Amendment does not serve as a defense for failing to make any tax return, and a return containing no information but a general objection based on the Fifth Amendment does not constitute a return as required by the Code.”). The remote possibility that a taxpayer’s statement on a tax return might be used as evidence in a future criminal prosecution will not relieve a taxpayer from the obligation to file a tax return and properly report income and pay tax due. See California v. Byers, 402 U.S. 424, 427-29 (1971) (“[T]he remote possibility of incrimination is insufficient to defeat strong policies of disclosure called for by” government regulatory scheme.). Additionally, involvement in illegal activities will not relieve a person of the duty to file a federal income tax return because income earned from illegal activities is subject to the federal income tax. United States v. Sullivan, 274 U.S. 259, 263-64 (1927) (“It would be an extreme if not an extravagant application of the Fifth Amendment to say that it authorized a man to refuse to state the amount of his income because it had been made in crime.”).

  3. You might also consider that the fifth amendment to the constitution realistically provides us with the right to not file an income tax return as anything that is wrong on it could be considered incriminating ourselves. On the other hand, our founding fathers risked life, property, family, everything they had for our independence one upon a time, is not as good for us to risk a little now?

    And I say again…. “May your chains sit lightly upon you ad may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

  4. Irwin Schiff is serving a 13 year sentence for advising people not to pay taxes. He is scheduled for release in 2016. You might want to keep that in mind.

    I do agree with the sentiment though.

  5. Ya know you could set it up in your case so that the smallest amount is taken out, claim like 8 dependents or something…. We’ll have to ask an accountant.

  6. That would work if everybody does it. However, mine is already taken out before I ever get the check. What then, my friend?

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