Motion Pro Pivot Vice

Article By: Chris Callen

Originally Published In The April 2020 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

I figured I’d show you a cool new tool that we got in the shop, The pivot Vice from MotionPro. Anybody that works on suspension knows it’s kind of a dirty job. Having the right tool always makes it a little bit easier. Enter Motion Pro with a tool for $360 to change the game. If I can do something by myself without waiting for Buddy to come home from work that’s a good tool so this helps you hold on to things while you work plus you don’t worry about damaging the parts in the vise since it’s made from a soft jaw material. Motion Pro tools are obviously made by guys that actually work on bikes, you can tell every time you use one of their tools. From the nice little oil pan that is removable, positionable and has a little bin for small parts built into it and a drain plug on the side, to the pivoting head that lets you spin the fork leg around without taking it out of the vise.

The vise jaw itself is adjustable in three positions letting you have the perfect grip for any size fork tube or even the legs which comes in handy for inverted fork maintenance. With the drain pan out of the way there is even a built in shelf to hold the fork tube down low when you are working on inverted forks also. I used this tool for the fi rst time just the other day on an old softail wide glide front end that I wanted to tear down for some freshening up and customizing. We were using it on a 41mm leg, the current design will not hold a 39mm leg, Motion Pro is aware of this and will be making design changes in the coming months, if you have one of the current design and would like the updated design feel free to contact Joe at Motion Pro, and he’ll be happy to assist you” I would have to say it cut my time in half on the fi rst leg and by the second, as I was more familiar with the vise, it went even faster. As good during assembly as it was in disassembly, I personally recommend having this tool in your shop. Check them out today at

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