Mooneyes USA new Tachometer

MPG5000TM The famous MOONEYES half-sweep tachometer is available again in a  “NO-LOGO” version. These tachometers were last offered in 2002, many of you have requested them so we are bringing them back!This tachometer is identical to our “best selling” MPG5000TM only it does not have the MOONEYES logo on the face of it.
It’s built in its own chrome cup with all the necessary hardware and brackets to mount it to your column or dash. Simple 4-wire hook-up makes it easy to install. The part number on this tach is MPG5000T.
It will retail for $69.95. The first run is complete and will be ready to ship to you within two weeks. If you have any question,  please ask us anytime.Thank you very much for your cooperation and support.

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