Misunderstanding or did they Scam people?

Ok, Normally I would not put anything up on here about something like this but I think this needs to be spread like wildfire.  I was going to be heading out tomorrow for the event in Fort Wayne, Indiana called Cyclefest. To go out and get some footage and put it on Grease & Gears . Also possibly an article for the magazine.

If you have not heard of this event yet. It is called Cyclefest USA and they were promoting the show to have an appearance by Charlie Hunnam a star from the hit TV show ‘Son’s of Anarchy’. They were offering a “Red Carpet Dinner” with Charlie and a private meet & greet with him for a fee for each. Along with lots of custom builders from across the nation. So it sounds like a pretty cool event to cover….. Until I start seeing something come across my local news station about this event in a not so good light.

Turns out that Cyclefest announced that Charlie Hunnam canceled, well that was not quite the truth. Charlie Hunnam or any of his representatives were never in contact with the people from Cyclefest for neither of the events in Fort Wayne, Indiana or Dayton, Ohio. The flyers for both state that Hunnam was going to be at the event and both of them offered the Red Carpet Dinner and Private Meet & Greet.

After this all hit the airwaves today social media exploded saying that Cyclefest was a scam and on a Facebook page that is run for Charlie Hunnam by a friend of his the following was posted.

"Please make it clear that there will be no reschedule, I was never doing this event. And that I am so sorry that these people used me to take advantage of my fans. I care about my fans enormously and am going to take action to make sure this type of thing never happens again. Just to be clear, I am not scheduled to make any appearances at this time so anyone claiming otherwise is lying"

Then after all the mess with this Cyclefest tried to say that Theo Rossi was going to be making an appearance instead and then this was posted on his twitter in response to that.


These people keep digging this hole bigger and bigger. You would think they would just stop and put the shovel down!

According to several news outlets in Fort Wayne the promoter has stated that any posts on social media saying Hunnam didn’t know about the events are not true. That if they did use his name and pictures without permission they would be hearing form Hunnam’s lawyers not posts on the internet.

The promoter stated that all the people who prepaid for tickets will get full refunds because Hunnam Canceled.

If they really didn’t have him scheduled that is very disappointing to hear that an event in our industry would take advantage of someone like that just because they are trying to boost ticket sales. Then to take advantage of the public AND take money for it I don’t know how someone could sleep at night if that is the case. I really hope this was a misunderstanding because people shouldn’t have to worry about events and someone taking their money. This is the kind of stuff that scares me about what our world is turning into.

After all of this and what social media has done for the spread of this news I am not so sure that they could recover from this. Even if it was a misunderstanding or miscommunication.

So what do you think happened? Did they not really have him scheduled or was it a miscommunication?

If I hear of any other news on this I will update this.



One thought on “Misunderstanding or did they Scam people?

  1. Just the schedule they have listed stating he’d be there five hours on both Saturday and Sunday seems fishy to me/ that’s a long time 10 hours!! Which celebrities honestly do meet and greets for such a long time??? Think they were scamming with the Charlie thing in hopes to guilt trip another sons actor(theo) into appearing / didn’t work

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